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Tips for Successful B2B Email Marketing Campaigns 

Important advice for business to business eCommerce email marketing

Email MarketingEmail marketing can prove to be one of the most useful and beneficial tools for any eCommerce business, especially B2B. While using social media to get customers attention is more in fashion as of late, email is a tried and true method to be able to reach and captivate your audience, and a wider audience at that. According to Radicati Group, there are three times more email accounts than Facebook and Twitter accounts combined. As a B2B business, email marketing can allow you to send personalized targeted messages to your clients that help foster and grow your business relationships while promoting your products and services. Below are a few tips to follow when creating an email marketing campaign for your B2B business.

Don’t Send a “Blast”

While sending an email blast may work for some B2C businesses, it is ineffective, and sometimes counterproductive, for B2B businesses. The term email blasting refers to sending all of your customers the exact same newsletter or email. While it would be extremely easy to just create and send one, it would also be pretty unproductive. Your customers are all interested in different products and are at various different stages in the buying cycling. Adapting a “one size fits all” attitude is about as effective as not sending a marketing email at all.

Treat Your Email Marketing Campaign Like a Triathlon, Not a Sprint

Unlike many B2C shoppers, B2B buyers probably won’t be making an impulse purchase after receiving one email. B2B buyers are paid to do the research and determine what product is the best fit for their company. You should expect and plan to send your customers multiple emails over a period of time before they are ready to buy. Set up your campaign to take customers along their buying journey, working on nurturing leads cultivating your business relationships.

Marketing CampaignLet Them Eat… Content

B2B buyers are always in search of content that gives them greater insight into the product they are considering purchasing and the effects it can have on their business. Your marketing emails need to include basic education, how to’s, case studies, and success stories, just to name a few. Including engaging content that draws buyers in while supplying them with key information and answering their questions gives them what they want and makes their job easier.

Target DMU Members Specifically

Unlike B2C where one person makes the final decision whether or not to make a purchase, B2B buyers have an entire decision making unit (DMU) that decides whether or not a purchase is made. When possibly, you should create and send different email messages that target each member of the DMU specifically. For example, a CFO would be more interested in the cost and return on investment while the buyer is focused on trying to collect and easily digest all of the information that you provide. Sending targeted email messages helps get everyone in the DMU onboard and ready to buy.

Clarity Can Help

For nearly a decade, Clarity has been helping B2B businesses implement eCommerce technologies and strategies to help them succeed. Our team of marketing and development experts has helped many clients with their email marketing campaigns and set up their CRM systems to be able to process thousands of emails to their customers. To learn more about how Clarity can help your B2B company create its email marketing campaign, call or click to contact us today!