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Integrating eCommerce with Freight Shipping Providers 

Saving time and money by integrating eCommerce with freight shippers

Freight ShippingShipping is one of the necessary components when it comes to eCommerce, but it takes on a whole new level of importance and complexity when it comes to B2B eCommerce, where large and oversized shipments are the norm. This is where freight shipping comes in. Freight shipping is used when an item or shipment is too large for parcel shipping companies to handle. It can be complicated and costly, but it doesn’t have to be. Integrating your eCommerce with freight shipping software and providers helps ensure that the process happens smoothly, everyone gets the correct information, and you and the customer get the best deal available.

Popular Freight Shipping Providers

There are numerous companies that offer freight shipping and many of the popular ones are able to be integrated with most eCommerce platforms. Both UPS and FedEx have their own freight shipping divisions and services that can handle both truckload and LTL (less than load) shipments. Another popular freight shipping provider is Con-way. Con-way offers eCommerce shipping tools and applications that are full of features and easy to integrate. YRC Freight and ABF Freight are also two good freight shipping companies that have made it easy for B2B eCommerce businesses to integrate their eCommerce stores with.

API shipping integrationEmploying APIs

The best way to integrate shipping providers and software with your eCommerce is by using the APIs (application program interfaces) that are usually provided by the freight shipping companies. The APIs are written to help the integration run smoothly and make sure that it won’t be affected by updates to either system. The shipping providers listed above all provide APIs or XML code to help your business easily integrate your eCommerce with their freight shipping tools.

Pricing, Tracking, and Documents 

Integrating freight shipping with eCommerce supplies your B2B business with resources that help make your job easier. Integration provides you and your customers with instant shipping prices, and, if your eCommerce is integrated with multiple shippers, price comparisons. The integration also helps your employees and your customers easily track packages and see where they have been and the estimated delivery time. The integration can also give your business easy access to important documents, like the bill of lading.

Cutting shipping costsBenefits of Freight Shipping and eCommerce Integration

Integrating your eCommerce with freight shipping providers comes with numerous benefits. Being able to track their own shipments helps customers serve themselves and frees up your customer service team to handle situations that are urgent. Integration also helps increase accuracy since customer information will be automatically transferred. If your B2B eCommerce is integrated with multiple freight shipping providers, it can help reduce costs and ensure that both you and your customers are getting the best freight shipment offers and deals.

Clarity Can Help

Clarity Ventures has been providing world class eCommerce solutions for B2C and B2B eCommerce businesses for nearly a decade. Our team of expert developers at Clarity has integrated numerous freight shipping options with eCommerce and other software for our B2B clients. Clarity eCommerce, our eCommerce platform, is highly robust and easy to integrate with almost any freight shipping provider, thanks to our middleware platform, Clarity Connect. To find out more about integrating your eCommerce with freight shipping software and providers, call or click to contact us today!