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Clarity Ventures offers a complete inventory control system that will allow your eCommerce application to provide systemic and streamlined processes for you and your customers.

For business-to-business eCommerce systems, making sure that there is effective inventory control in place is vital. Many businesses are operating off of a number of different software products, almost ensuring that they're going to end up in a situation where their business is slowed down by the fact that communication is hindered. With a good B2B eCommerce inventory control system, the merchant and their customer are both taken care of much more efficiently.

B2B Inventory Tracking and Information

For inventory control, it's necessary to be able to find out where items are, where they're headed and the status of any given order at a glance. This is much easier when you have a system that's built with business-to-business transactions in mind. No matter how much inventory you're dealing with, the right system can give your business intelligence on all of it and ensures that you know exactly what's going on at the warehouse, with shipping and with order fulfillment.

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Inventory Turnover and System Maintenance

It's important to know when items become available and when they're depleted. With a Clarity Ventures inventory control system, you can be sure that you're instantly updated when items are replenished and when they're running out. This prevents customers from inadvertently making orders that cannot be fulfilled. In fact, advanced inventory control can even play a part in keeping the catalog up to date, ensuring that your customers themselves know what's going on with your inventory before you order.

eCommerce Customers and Enterprise Systems

Some customers may have preferences that need to be remembered as far as backorders are concerned. To that end, advanced inventory control software can store them and make sure that those customers are always taken care of in the most constructive way possible. Of course, an enterprise eCommerce system is one where each individual complement communicates with the next, so you can be sure that your business will always have access to the information it needs at every turn.

Customized eCommerce for B2B Sales

With Clarity Ventures, you can customize an eCommerce solution until it fits your business model exactly.

With Clarity Ventures, you can customize an eCommerce solution until it fits your business model exactly.

This means that you're not left with problems that haven't been addressed when you put the system into place. The right inventory control system ensures that your business is always on top of your shipping, order fulfillment and accounting and that there are never problems that go unaddressed and that those problems don't become worse for the customer.

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