B2B Software Types & Why You Should Integrate Them with eCommerce

Advantages of Software Integrations with eCommerce 

Help your B2B company succeed by integrating software with eCommerce 

software integrationIf I asked you if you wanted to make your B2B eCommerce business run smarter, the answer would and should always be yes. One of the best ways to do that? Employ the right software and integrate it with your eCommerce platform. There are numerous software applications available to help you run, manage and grow your business better and more efficiently. Taking it a step further, integrating the software with your site allows you to develop your B2B eCommerce business into a thriving enterprise. 

CRM Software: Manage Your Client Relationships Right 

One of the top pieces of software to use for any business is customer relationship management (CRM) software. CRMs enable your employees to create, store and manage information about customers and your interactions with them. The software can help you handle leads and allows your team to easily share data about customers with each other. CRM software is especially important for business to business companies that deal heavily with repeat customers that you want to keep happy. 

Benefits of eCommerce and CRM Integration 

Integrating CRM software with your eCommerce platform can greatly benefit your B2B business. Integration allows you to easily share and store information between the eCommerce website and your CRM software. Your employees will be able to find a customer’s purchase history and buying habits. This information can be invaluable to your sales and customer service teams. Having the information easily accessible for your customer service team can help them quickly address a customer’s issues with their orders. Likewise, your sales team will be able to use the information to sell products that are in line with items a customer has already bought. 

ERP Software: Manage Your Business Better 

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software includes a wide variety of applications that help your business collect data from business processes and automate and streamline numerous business functions. ERP software can be used by everyone in your business, from the accounting department that needs a recurring task automated, to the sales force that wants to collaborate better. Using ERP software correctly will help your business save valuable time and resources while adding a major asset to your business. 

Benefits of eCommerce and ERP Integration

The integration of your eCommerce and ERP software allows an abundance of information to be shared quickly. Information from your eCommerce site can be automatically uploaded into your ERP software and readily available for your employees. Likewise, information such as real time inventory can be extracted from your ERP software and available to your customers when they are making their purchase decisions. ERP software not only makes it easier on your employees, it also makes it easier on your customers to choose to buy from your business. 

Clarity Can Help 

Integrating your software with your eCommerce website can help your business succeed, especially when done well. Our team at Clarity has years of experience helping our B2B clients successfully integrate their software with their eCommerce website. Our integration platform, Clarity Connect, enables us to integrate your software with your site easily and affordably. To find out more about how Clarity can integrate your software with your eCommerce website, call or click to contact us today!