B2B Split Shipping for eCommerce Websites

Business to Business Split Shipping Integration

Who needs split shipping and what is involved making it happen

Why you might need split shipping support for your business

Split Shipping eCommerce Integration

Split shipping can be one of the most complicated and rewarding features your business can offer. For business to business eCommerce customers, split shipping becomes important when dealing with customers that will be buying products for multiple locations, often in the same purchase. 

Being able to order once and delineate where different parts of the order go can greatly simplify the purchasing process and can increase a client's likelihood of sticking with your business as a supplier. If your business often deals with clients that have multiple locations, split shipping is something you should consider implementing.

Challenges of implementing split shipping for an eCommerce website

Split shipping can be worth it to keep larger customers...

As much as split shipping can positively impact your business, it does come with its own set of hurdles. The biggest challenge is designing the user facing experience. Not only do you have to create a system for the customer to be able to associate different pieces of the order with different addresses, but you also need to have that properly create separate shipping orders. 

Additionally, considering split shipping integration is usually done with businesses that are returning customers, making them input separate addresses each time they order can be a inconvenience that can make them reluctant to return. To offer split shipping effectively, there should be an address saving element that can be easily accessed and different products associated with each.