B2C eCommerce Concepts that Apply in B2B

Strategies B2B eCommerce Can Learn from B2C

Lessons from B2C eCommerce that can help B2B companies

B2B and B2C eCommerceBusiness to consumer and business to business companies vary in many ways. However, they also have quite a few things in common, seeing as they are businesses trying to sell products and services to others and increasingly trying to do that selling online. While B2C companies branched into online commerce first, B2B companies are quickly catching up and opening eCommerce stores. Since B2C businesses have more experience online, there are a few concepts, strategies and techniques that B2B businesses could learn from B2C eCommerce business methods.

A Wow Website

Most business to consumer eCommerce businesses understand how essential it is to have a wow eCommerce website, one that is easy to use and visually appealing to customers. While B2B companies are increasingly coming online and developing eCommerce websites, the sites can be very basic looking and confusing to use. B2B companies could greatly improve their eCommerce sales by taking a page out of B2C companies’ book and improve the look and design of their websites. The easier the eCommerce site is to use, the easier it is to buy from.

Give 'em Enough Features

Your B2B eCommerce site can incorporate some of the features that have successfully created additional sales on B2C sites. A robust set of features not only generates more sales, but gives the customer the impression that your business is running a robust, professional grade site, an impression the customer will impart upon your business even if they don't necessarily use the features they see. Product pages, for example, can cross and/or upsell the customer on other products by displaying related or "frequently bought together" items. Returning customers should have access to a page that displays their "frequently purchased items." This feature is especially helpful with B2B customers who often go to a supplier for a few specific items over and over. Be sure to allow the customer to adjust the quantity from this page and add directly to their cart.

Selling to the Customer: Purchasers are Still People 

While it is true that buyers for businesses focus more on facts rather than emotions like consumers do, it is still important to remember that you are marketing and selling to people. B2B need to focus on improving the online shopping experience. Purchasers for business are also consumers outside of their jobs. They have come to expect the same personal shopping experience that they get when they are buying items for their own use on Amazon.com. 

Buyers for business may be mainly focusing on facts and how a product or service will help the business but they can’t completely cut off their own personal needs and opinions. When sending promotional material and emails to a buyer, you should take a page out of the B2C playbook and mention how your product can help their position or office specifically. This could help sway the buyer into purchasing your items for the business.

B2B eCommerce marketingCreative Marketing Works

B2C eCommerce businesses invest a lot of time, energy and resources into coming up with creative marketing campaigns and promotions. B2B eCommerce companies on the other hand, don’t seem to put as much energy into the creativeness of their marketing campaigns. While communication between a B2B eCommerce company and their prospective customers needs to remain professional, that doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. Creative marketing messages are catchier, more intriguing, more memorable, and more likely to get a response. B2B eCommerce businesses could gain a lot by trying to market like B2C businesses.

Clarity Can Help

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