Benefits of an eCommerce & Syspro Integration



The benefits of an eCommerce Syspro integration might be essential for surviving in today’s B2B operations that need to manage thousands of SKUs, catalog descriptions, content and complex sales operations. Integration enables real-time capabilities such as instant inventory updates across sales channels, accurate sales forecasting, custom searches and specialty catalogs for preferred customers.

Some of the vast number of benefits of integrating with Syspro ERP software include:


Automation benefits internal staff, stakeholders and customers. Internal staff enjoys relief from manual entry tasks, many customer service duties, report preparation and the improved data accuracy from both customers entering their own data and the lack of manual data re-entry into sales, orders, returns and other processes. Stakeholders can maintain contact with any B2B company to estimate needs for products, components and materials, manage logistics and facilitate better warehousing. Suppliers can also access ordering history to speed the replenishment of inventory. Customers can get all the information they need to place their orders directly from their web store accounts, user interfaces or customer portals.


Pricing is a critical part of B2B sales. In the past, prices were often negotiated during personal meetings, sales calls and lunches with favored clients. Price negotiation remains an important part of B2B sales, but it’s handled differently these days. Customers can request a custom price quote and receive it in minutes. An integrated site can remember all unexpired price quotes and apply the correct price automatically. Price tiers based on order size and product quantity are also applied correctly. Customers can request product customizations and personalization. Complex prices based on multiple criteria are easily managed across a complex pricing matrix.

Special Tasks

Syspro offers a number of specialty modules for key business tasks, and integration makes it possible for the eCommerce store, back-office and business modules to share information bidirectionally. Some of the Syspro modules include: Regulatory compliance documentation Sales management Finance and accounting Production management Price quoting software Customer service Quality control Inventory management When these modules are fully integrated, data is shared securely and instantly. There’s never a need to make multiple data entries. Syspro offers a strong integration framework that developers can use to speed development and improve collaboration. [1]

  • Regulatory compliance documentation
  • Sales management
  • Finance and accounting
  • Production management
  • Price quoting software
  • Customer service
  • Quality control
  • Inventory management

Better User Interfaces

Today, the user experience is the most important aspect of B2B sales. Decision-makers are willing to pay more for convenience, faster processing and better online experiences. A McKinsey research report found that companies willing to meet B2B buyers at multiple points of the customer journey with highly functional digital tools powered by integration received a 10-percent increase in new buyers and a 20-percent increase in leads. [2] Integration enables companies to build functional and intuitive interfaces, mobile apps and external applications that enable instant communications with customers. Better communications result in better user experiences, which is why Clarity focuses on B2B best practices in their Clarity eCommerce platform for all user interfaces and functionality.

Flexibility and Consistency

It’s critical to maintain consistency across all customer touchpoints, and integration makes it easy to do this even when separate information is needed for different customers. The flexibility of integration makes it easy to add new applications and respond to changing market conditions. Customers get the same experience no matter what kind of device they use.

Content Management

Managing the descriptions and content for thousands of products can be challenging, but the benefits of integrating with Syspro include access to an integrated content management system, or CMS, to manage catalogs, content and external posts. That makes it easy to revise, update and synchronize content across many marketing and sales channels.

Practical Daily Benefits of Syspro Integration

The simplest--and perhaps the most valuable--benefits of eCommerce Syspro integration include basic processes and conveniences that can occur hundreds of times each day.

The daily workhorse benefits of integrating with Syspro include:

  • The ability to share information bidirectionally between the eCommerce store and ERP and CRM software automatically and in real time
  • Managing warranty information
  • Automating marketing messages and product recommendations based on buyer profiles
  • Updating inventory stock levels based by minute, hourly, daily, weekly and/or monthly
  • Providing real-time, onsite shipping estimates for customer convenience
  • Offering customers multiple ways to pay for their orders
  • Pushing data collected by the store into the CRM system automatically to generate sales leads and inform sales staff of cross-selling and upselling opportunities
  • Managing purchase order workflow authorizations
  • Automating registration of new customers and custom quotes
  • Importing and exporting sales order data between operating systems
  • Integrating with BI resources and cloud-based business systems
  • Automating purchase order approvals
  • Simplifying order fulfillment and shipping processes
  • Automating calculations of taxes in multiple tax jurisdictions, assessing taxes and duties and performing currency conversions

The list of integration benefits goes on and on, but it’s important to discuss the matter with a skilled developer to get all the answers needed for a specific business and industry.

Clarity Provides the Framework for eCommerce Success

Clarity can help you manage your eCommerce Syspro integration flawlessly, whether you use our eCommerce platform, or your own. The company can handle any ancillary development needed as well. Your company might need to restructure its architectural configuration for maximum efficiency of the integration. Clarity has the experience of working with Fortune 500 companies, thousands of development projects and more than 350 combined years of development experience. The company designs storefronts, web services, mobile apps and integrations with the same philosophy--keeping costs low by using frameworks, coding best practices and open source development materials where available. Collaboration, staff training and modular development are also a big part of Clarity’s development strategy.



[1] SYSPRO Integration Framework Brochure

[2] Do you really understand how your business customers buy?