Benefits of ERP and Shipping Integration For eCommerce

Integrated Shipping and ERP with Your eCommerce site offers many advantages.

Improve your workflow, efficiency and grow revenue with these key integrations.

shipping and ERP eCommerce integration at Clarity Ventures

Like many who run eCommerce sites, you may rely on a hodgepodge of different apps and programs to keep everything plugging right along. If so, you're probably using a separate ERP system and shipping system. While this setup technically works, it involves a lot of redundancy and still requires significant amounts of effort on the part of you and your employees. A more viable eCommerce shipping solution is one that is customized to include ERP integration and shipping functionality, and there's no reason to go without one.

ERP and Shipping Integration: The Basics

shipping and ERP eCommerce integration at Clarity Ventures

If you're in the market for a new eCommerce platform or are simply looking for ways to improve productivity, increase efficiency, bolster customer satisfaction, increase sales or to just boost the overall success of your business, ERP and eCommerce shipping integration is an absolute must. This setup provides significant benefits both internally and for those who shop on your eCommerce site. Amazingly, you can provide superior customer care and enhance a number of business processes while reducing the amount of time and effort that goes into supporting such endeavors. That's reason enough to make the switch.

Top Benefits of Shipping and ERP Integration for eCommerce

You may be pretty satisfied with the way your eCommerce sites works. It's tempting to take the approach that if it's not broken, then why fix it? However, ERP and shipping integration for eCommerce provides a vast array of excellent benefits, including:

  • Reduced Inventory Cost - When ERP and shipping functionality are woven into your eCommerce platform, your inventory is updated the instant someone checks out. With such razor accuracy, you can maintain tighter control over your inventory, which will result in decreased costs for your business.
  • Self-Service Capabilities - With shipping and ERP integration, customers can handle a variety of support tasks themselves. From tracking an order to checking to see whether or not something is in stock, this feature reduces the amount of work you and your staff must do while significantly boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Increased Productivity - Once you've invested in an eCommerce platform that includes ERP and shipping integration, you and your employees can shift your attention to more important matters. Your employees will field fewer customer service calls because customers will be much more empowered. This will give employees more time to work on growing your business.
  • Fewer Errors and Redundancies - Let's face it: The more humans are involved in inputting data and performing other tasks, the likelier errors are to occur. Furthermore, when ERP systems and shipping functionality are kept apart from an eCommerce platform, it's often necessary to input the same data multiple times. ERP and shipping integration do away with this problem.
  • Superior Reporting - With all of your data constantly updated based on web transactions, you can be sure that any report you generate is as up-to-date and accurate as can be.

How Clarity can Help

The Clarity eCommerce platform can be customized to include Clarity Connect, an innovative and highly customizable integration platform that pulls together your eCommerce site, ERP system, shipping functionality and more. Hands down, it's the best way to integrate these crucial functions into your eCommerce platform. Contact us today for a free quote or to arrange for a free consultation.