Bounce Rate Optimization for eCommerce Websites

bounce rate optimization

There’s almost no doubt that you’ve heard of SEO optimization, but have you considered the oft-overlooked Bounce Rate Optimization? Bounce Rate Optimization is the process of making your uses stay on your website as long as possible – and it’s every bit as important as other website design considerations. Read on for an overview of bounce rate and what you can do to reduce yours with and without the help of professional SEO services.

Your Bounce Rate and SEO

Aside from the obvious issues that are inherent in your visitors leaving your site too soon – namely, before having a chance to make a purchase – your bounce rate can dramatically impact your search engine rankings. Google’s search engine algorithms try to take the user experience into account as much as possible. One of the chief ways they do this is by measuring the bounce rate of your website. If a lot of users leave your site quickly, they will assume you are not providing an adequate user interface design, and they will rank you accordingly. Other UX-related factors that Google considers include page load time and the amount of visible, useful content versus advertisements or splash pages.

How to Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Follow the obvious rule first: design for users, not search engines.

So, how can you get people to stay on your site longer? Follow the obvious rule first: design your website for users, not search engines. This means making sure your navigation is smooth and simple, your content is clear and concise, and the website is visually consistent and compelling. Make sure your page load speed is as fast as possible; users will not wait long for a page to load. And finally, when in doubt, implement A/B and multivariate testing to determine which version of a site performs better with users.

Bounce Rate Optimization Company in Austin, TX

Clarity’s marketing consultants have extensive knowledge of SEO services, visually compelling web design, A/B testing, and more. When we combine this knowledge with the technical know-how of our developers, we can provide a winning combination that will keep customers on your site for as long as possible. Speak to a Clarity representative today to learn more about our SEO Packages that we offer.

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