B2B eCommerce Automated Account Management Integration


Clarity Ventures offers clients the advantage of having an efficient customer information workflow. B2B enterprise eCommerce account management can go much farther than most businesses probably think. By providing customers with the tools that they need to manage their own information, the amount of work that the people within your business have to do is greatly reduced and the customer is offered more control over their experience at your site. Of course, account management sometimes is an internal affair and, in these cases, the right software can make all the difference in making sure that it is efficient and productive.

Customer Information for Enterprise eComm

Any B2B enterprise eCommerce account management solution has to be one that instantly communicates the information provided to the site by the customer to the other departments involved in fulfilling orders. For example, if a change of address isn't communicated to the warehouse and the people who actually ship the order, the solution is of very little use. Likewise, if a change in payment methods isn't communicated to the accounting department, there isn't much use in the system for the financial end of your business. A good B2B enterprise eCommerce account management solution will ensure that lines of communication always remain open.

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Security with .Net and ASP.Net eCommerce

A B2B enterprise eCommerce account management solution also has to be secure. There has to be some assurance to the customer that they can trust the company with the vital information that they're providing and, to that end, it pays to have professional designers involved in every step of the design process. Having your system built on a solid foundation, such as .NET- and C#-based systems, also ensures that you get the best possible security.

Cost Effectiveness with ERP Integration

The cost of a B2B enterprise eCommerce account management system that is well designed and that allows customers to take care of a lot of their own information management is typically very low. The benefits of having a system that allows your own employees to avoid some of the more tedious work that goes along with managing customer information also has to be factored in.

For the sales department, .Net and ASP.Net eComm account management systems are particularly beneficial.

For the sales department, these systems are particularly beneficial. Because customers can instantly update their information, the sales department always has access to their most current contact information. This helps to eliminate the gap that sometimes exists between what the billing and shipping departments know and what the sales department knows and also eliminates the problems that arise because of those situations, such as decreased customer contact.

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