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Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Online B2B Performance


One of the key trends affecting business to business E-Commerce is the way B2C shopping expectations reflect the expectations of B2B consumers in your enterprise web store. Your B2B customers' personal online shopping (B2C), which they continue to do more often, gives them expectations when it comes to business to business online shopping for work related purchases. Fortunately, you can keep up with these trends and keep your customers happy by following these 10 basic business to business E Commerce best practice tips.


Clarity | business to business e-commerce friendly user experience developer#1-Friendly User Experience: Simplicity is the new mantra of online customer acquisiton. Keep the site clean and free of needless distractions. Your B2B customers are there for a purpose, not pleasure. Make it as easy as possible for them to find what they want. Ideally, after logging in, your customer should be at the web store checkout in 3 pages. The efficiency of your site reflects the value-added efficiency of your company and products.

Clarity | ecommerce product catalogues, b2b online product catalogues#2-Product or Site Search: This follows a friendly user experience. Customers should easily be able to find what they are looking for in the site search box. As people search for things in different ways, this box should be intuitve enough to recognize product descriptions, manufacturers, proudct numbers and more.

enterprise ecommerce catalogues online web catalogue development | Clarity#3-Visible Catalogues: There are two reasons for this. One is that it allows search enging crawlers to index the product pages, making them visible in search results and increasing the overall search rankings of the site as a whole. The second reason is that you create a 'risk-free' trial environment for your B2B consumer, allowing them to invest the time and effort necessary to induce loss aversion.

business to business ecommerce development quote | Clarity#4-Offer Quotes: To follow the visible product catalogues, allow the visitor to add products to a shopping cart and request a quote. This is easy customer acquisition. With website behavioral data, knowledge of that customers' desired products, and a cleverly designed quote request form, you have all the information you need to acquire that business to business ecommerce customer.

business-to-business online web store development, b2b e-commerce competition | Clarity#5-Acknowledge the Competition: Your customers know that you have competitors, and any competent purchase decision maker at a business will review the competitive landscape before making a purchase. Acknowledge this and make it easy for the customer to compare reviews and product specs and/or prices with competitors. The key is to devise a way in which to do this that keeps the customer on your website.

enterprise online shopping cart customization development#6-Customization: Using advanced site analytics that integrate with your B2B e-Commerce CRM, you should be able to build individual customer profiles. Use these profiles to individualize the site experience. You know that this customer wants or needs, so design their experience around those desires. Save their purchasing information in their customer profile for easy, one-click checkout.

large b2b web store platform mobile friendly ecommerce | Clarity#7-Mobile Friendly: Mobile continues to be a factor of major strategic importance for business-to-business ecommerce. While consumers may not purchase directly from their mobile device, "93% of people who used mobile to research go on to make a purchase." Collect data from mobile analytics and, if someone researched a particular product, have that product front and center next time they log in from a computer.

Clarity | automated ERP inventory management for enterprise business #8-Automated ERP Integrated Inventory Management: When showing a prospective customer the availability of an item in your enterprise web store, most sites display a simple "IN" or "Not In" stock. An automated back-end ERP integration can calculate your organization's capability to deliver the product at the desired time or, if unavailable, the earliest instance of potential delivery. You might be surprised how many people will go through with a purchase simply because they are given an exact delivery date, even if different from their preferred date of reception.

flexible payments for b2b e commerce solution, business to business ecommerce developer#9-Flexible Payments: "59% of consumers will abandon a transaction if their preferred payment method is not in place on your enterprise e commerce platform."Payment integration is an essential component of any serious B to B e-commerce solution. Remember that you can also integrate industry or product specific forms and offline payment options in the checkout process.

automated tax, currency and shipping calculation for b2b e-commerce, b2b web development#10-Automated Tax, Shipping and Currency Calculation: While shipping, tax and currency calculations are integrated into most e-commerce platforms, most b2b organizations take this as a relatively common sense tip. However, the key here is automation, which makes your site more efficient and the users' experience more pleasurable. An automated solution recognizes their location relative to the supply chain and calculates region specific tax and shipping costs without the customer having to fill out another form.


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