Business to Business Enterprise eCommerce Platform Integrations


Clarity boosts business to business eCommerce offeringsBusiness to business enterprise eCommerce platforms prove to pay critical dividends for organizations. Whether your objective is to drive process automation or simply increase market share, eCommerce solutions can help surpass your goals. Business to business organizations, whether they be entrepreneurial enterprises to Fortune 1000 sizes, take advantage of Clarity's enterprise eCommerce tools to develop and grow market share. At Clarity, our market research department performs deep analysis of the market's current eCommerce offerings. Our experts have culled the list of enterprise eCommerce solutions down to a select list of vendors. In this article we'll highlight the top business to business (B2B) friendly eCommerce evaluation criteria.

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Integration Middle Ware -Two way SSL and authentication secured data exchanged between the external website and internal presence can optimize businesses’ efficiencies. Secure and seamless integration Enterprise eCommerce hinges on secure and seamless integration to internal data sources.

    Features are an evaluation criteria to select solutionsFeatures and Completeness - Features can make or break a solution. Completeness of features helps in a multitude of ways. The more features for "Off the shelf" or “turn-key” solutions, allow for little customization as possible.

    Security is used as an evaluation criteria to select eCommerce solutionsInbound Marketing, SEO considerations, Reporting and Analytics/Business Intelligence - Inbound Marketing, SEO, and business reporting all need to seamlessly communicate with one another. Organizations need to stay competitive and leadership must have this information at their fingertips whenever possible. The completeness of these three allows you to avoid 3rd party marketing and reporting materials.

    Clarity Security is an evaluation criteria for ERP eCommerce solutionsSecurity & Compliance, Performance and Validation - A developed platform is well-vetted for security, performance, and data validation. Confirming the levels of fullness for these traits is vital to your team’s digital safety.