C# for eCommerce Website Development

C#: Simple, Secure Programming for eCommerce

What C# can do for your eCommerce platform

About C# C# for eCommerce Web Development

C# is an object-oriented language released in 2000 by Microsoft within its .NET initiative. C#'s clean and type-safe syntax enables developers to build highly capable, secure applications within the .NET Framework. C# was created to be a straightforward and general-purpose programming language, making it easy to learn and use.

C# Syntax

Those who understand C, C++ or Java will find that C# is quite easy to learn. So what is it about C#'s syntax that makes it so great? C# is simple compared to other programming languages, taking care of many complexities on its own. Microsoft lists its features as enumerations, nullable value types, delegates, and direct memory access. C# is compatible with generic methods and types, enabling custom iteration behaviors that are easy to code. C# can also support encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. Overall C# offers more simplicity and flexibility than C, C++, and Java.

Building With C#

C#'s capabilities and features enable developers to create robust applications. Here are some tools that C# offers:

  • Operator overloading
  • Fully integrated into the .NET library
  • Full COM support
  • Garbage collection
  • Type safety
  • Trust mechanisms that deliver security
  • Support of extensible metadata concepts

A very common architecture build of a C# is composed of three layers:

  • Presentation Tier: This tier is what users interact with to use an application
  • Middle Tier: This is the middleman of the three. It bridges communication from the user to the database.
  • Data Tier: The data tier is essentially the server that stores the application's data.

This build setup offers many advantages. Several developers can work on a project in this manner simultaneously; work can be distributed more easily, and maintenance is less of a hassle. Testing is also much simpler. Because the architecture is modular, each module can be tested individually to trace out bugs, without the trouble of running through all the code.

SecurityC# for eCommerce Web Development Security

Because C# is used within the .NET Framework, security is not an issue. The .NET Framework enforces security restrictions to protect code and data from damage and improper usage. A security policy is established by the administrator when a .NET Framework requests permission. It is then up to the administrator to refuse to run the code or not. If granted, security enforces permissions on the code to perform what it needs to do.

We Combine The Power Of C# and DNN

At Clarity, we can combine the capabilities and DotNetNuke (DNN) to create a highly capable eCommerce platform. C# and DNN work well together because both use ASP as the framework; using ASP, a developer can make modules with C# and use the DNN content management system. DNN offers robust functionalities and content management capabilities. Some features include file management, social and mobile API, and a rich-text editor.

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