Can a CMS Function Optimally for Both Developers and Marketers?

Content Management Systems that Work For Developers and Marketers

Traits of CMSs that deliver on both development and marketing

content management systemYou can’t have it all, or can you? For years, businesses thought they had to choose between a CMS that worked well for developers and a CMS that was great for marketers. However, some of the best content management systems are able to operate well for both development and marketing. Truly superb CMSs were built to meet marketers and developers needs. Below are some key considerations to keep in mind to keep both developers and marketers happy when selecting your content management system.

Simple CMS Upgrades

Developers look for content management systems that have simple upgrades. Some CMSs make it difficult to upgrade or update your current version, which can be a major headache for everyone who deals with your website, not just the developers. A CMS should be able to be upgraded using a few, easy to follow steps. Better yet, a CMS that has upgrades automated will save your staff time and energy. Simple, automated upgrades benefit developers, marketers, and your entire business.

API documentationDocumented API

The content management system that you choose should have a well documented and organized API to make the CMS easier for developers to use. API documentation is a reference that is full of information that helps developers work with, integrate, and extend a program or platform using the APIs. Without proper and thorough documentation, an API could basically become worthless because your developers wouldn’t know or have the right information to use it.

CMS with Modular Extensibilty

No CMS can perfectly fit your business needs without some adjustments. Your CMS needs to be quickly and easily adapted to fit your business. Modular extensibility is the ability of the content management system to install modules developed by third party developers to enable the extension of the CMS’s platform functionality. Having modular extensibility means that the CMS platform is able to be easily enhanced by modules to better suit your needs. This trait will make a developer’s job easier and will give marketers are more functional site to work on.

update content on CMSUpdate Content Easily with Your CMS

Marketers need a content management system that will make it easy for them to add, update, and edit content. An ideal CMS will allow marketers to create content without having detailed coding knowledge. If marketers can’t update content without help, developers and other tech employees will have to take time out of their already busy schedule to help them.

CMS Helps You Track Analytics

Your content management system should also allow your marketers to track analytics effortlessly. The CMS will hopefully have a dashboard where they can easily find the information they need to help them make decisions about marketing and campaign efforts. Without tracked analytics, your marketing team would basically be making guesses about what works and what doesn’t to attract clients.

Clarity Can Help

At Clarity, we know how important a CMS can be for your business. Our team at Clarity is full of experts that know which content management systems are best for your business’s needs. To find out more about how Clarity can help you select the right CMS for your needs or if you are looking for a company to help develop your website, call or click to contact us today.