Capturing Leads Easily with Salesforce Integration


Salesforce integration offers B2B companies and eCommerce stores the ability to capture leads, qualify them and automate information-gathering from third-party sites like Facebook and other social media platforms. Salesforce ranks as the top-selling software for sales teams. The Sales Cloud is “sales module” part of the Salesforce CRM platform that’s designed to capture leads on website sales platforms, provide sales support services, qualify leads and send them to the best qualified or closest sales team members. [1]

The Service Cloud is the “customer service” part of Salesforce CRM software, and it can also generate leads from service inquiries. Features of the Service Cloud include connections to external knowledge bases, call centers, self-service portals and other systems. Integration facilitates knowledge-sharing in real-time that generates an astonishing number of qualified leads. The software can also deliver leads when they’re most likely to result in sales based on information provided by the built-in artificial intelligence module that learns from experience and data integrations. For example, someone looking for wholesale Christmas decorations might be contacted about other seasonal decorations throughout the year or Christmas decorations during July or August. With an integration platform like Clarity Connect, you can have any or all of your website, portal or eCommerce marketplace seamlessly integrated with the Service Cloud, capturing and sending valuable data to feed your lead generation efforts.

Capture Leads on Website Sales Platforms

Clarity offers companies a faster and less expensive way to integrate website information with Salesforce. The Salesforce software includes a servlet that integrates customer information with forms on a company’s website. Companies can easily capture customer contact information by requiring it before delivering downloads and other product information. Once companies have a valid email address, they can begin the process of nurturing these leads with the goal of getting more sales. The benefits of fully integrating Salesforce with your portal or eCommerce stores, brick-and-mortar operations and other business applications include:

  • Lead generation identifies new potential customers.
  • Tracking leads through multiple channels can pinpoint the best marketing strategies for each type of prospective buyer.
  • Automated reminders and flowcharts make it easier to track leads and identify the next steps to take.
  • Qualifying leads is critical for increasing conversion rates because studies have found that 73 percent of leads aren’t ready to buy. [2]
  • 61 percent of companies send all their sales leads directly to sales teams, overwhelming them with unqualified leads that aren’t much better than cold calls. [2]
  • Salesforce automation provides lead-scoring technology that learns from experience and scores leads effectively enough to increase the speed of the B2B sales cycle by 25 percent. [2]

Bridging the Communications Gap

Although most customers today prefer self-service features and integrations, there are still holdouts who grow bored with pure technology or dull interfaces. Many people just want help from real people to find products and services without needing to read pages of descriptions to narrow their choices. These customers can fall through the cracks when they don’t get instant service. That’s why lead management is so valuable. Savvy companies use their CRM software to track sales leads, follow up on website visits and provide multiple communication options like brick-and mortar stores do. These might include Live Chat, Chatbots, emails, text messages and direct phone lines to sales and support staff. Additionally, Clarity can integrate your site with automated marketing tools, such as Act On, Marketo and Eloqua to enable drip campaigns, automated promotions, and much more.

Salesforce eCommerce integration has become one of the most popular ways to track and manage customer information. A built-in AI system intelligently identifies sales opportunities, times to offer buying incentives and when it’s best to provide customer service from staff members. The system integrates seamlessly with a Clarity eCommerce and other platforms. It’s important to remember that about 70 percent to 90 percent of visitors won’t buy anything. Many will never return, but lead management can change that statistic. Thoughtful recommendations, timely reminders and professional sales calls can convince reluctant buyers to place orders. [3]

Closing the Sale with Integrated Technology and Skilled Staff

Salespeople spend up to 18 percent of their time generating and researching sales leads. [4] That’s a big waste of resources when Salesforce can capture and qualify leads automatically to supply salespeople with a steady stream of strong leads. Salesforce offers some of the strongest and easy-to-integrate sales tools that empower salespeople, strengthen lead management, provide business analytics and deliver thousands of business apps through the AppExchange.

Integrating with Confidence

An experienced developer can work with your staff to integrate Salesforce, Clarity eCommerce, WooCommerce, websites, portals, ERPs and other operating software. Your integration can be custom-designed to fit your business so that your leads are qualified based on conditions that staff members, managers and salespeople set. These can include buying potential, lifetime customer value, credit rating and other benchmarks. Why waste time and money when Salesforce integration can provide the leads you need automatically? Give Clarity a call today to discuss your Salesforce integration project.


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