Career Portals Increase Employee Satisfaction


Great careers portals help to attract top talent

First impressions are difficult to change, and with that being said, they can often be your last impression. When individuals visit job search sites to identify potential employer matches, they regularly make judgments on companies’ digital presences—especially the millennial generation. More and more companies are beginning to take on the paradigm of selling themselves to potential employees. In the long run, companies experience lower turnover rates, increased workforce talent, and less human resource headaches. Career portals are an incredibly practical way to enhance your digital appearance and separate your organization from the rest of the pack.

Great Designs Attract Great Talent

Great careers portal web design makes a great impressionAccording to comScore, the internet’s top three job search sites,,, and, combine to attract over 54 million unique visitors every month to their respective sites. 21st century technology makes it easier than ever before for employers to entice job seekers, showcase their culture, and ultimately encourage individuals to apply. Frankly, it has never been easier to attract talent, but are companies attracting the right type of talent? Elbert Hubbard once said, “One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.” Companies across the board, whether they are publically traded or self-funded start-ups, recognize the importance of attracting and retaining these stellar employees.

Careers Portal Provides Insight to Corporate Culture

Career culture is key to attracting and retaining top talentDesigned and implemented correctly, Career Portals have proven to be a cost effective way to communicate organizational offerings to both prospective and current employees. As training and development budgets decline, HR and Talent Management leaders need a means to address the increasing feedback from their employees through employee engagement or satisfaction surveys. Not only can precautions like this help develop individuals’ careers within the organization, but it can help improve the overall business as a whole.  A Career Portal can be a way to organize existing resources into a coherent map where employees can find all of the resources they need to be successful, and maximize the investment an organization has already made in their HR systems

Attracting Top Talent Requires Investment & Planning

At Clarity, most organizations we consult with do not have a common language or framework for talking about career development, let alone, a way to organize HR resources on their company intranet. One thing we learned over the years is that people need a road map for how to think about their careers. A majority of organizations have spent considerable time and resources investing in technology solutions. However, most have not done an adequate job in organizing these tools in a coherent, sustainable framework.

Clarity specializes in careers portalsClarity helps teams like Kimball Midwest fill their available 100+ positions and showcase their strengths as an incredible place to work. Please contact Clarity today, and discover how we can improve your employee communication today. Learn more about a custom Careers Portal.

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