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How GoDaddy Became Popular


careers portal helps to attract top talentYou may not win an award for “Top Company to Work For,” but you can sure look and act like you have. Do you remember the Superbowl commercial for GoDaddy where the CEO walks down the hall at work, telling everyone that it’s a great place to work? As he strolls down a hallway, he opens a door to a HUGE party (celebrities included), closes the door and says, “Oh, that’s the marketing department.” It may have only been a 30-second TV spot, but it went viral and had millions of views. Whether you wanted or had aspirations of ever working at GoDaddy, in a matter of just a couple days, millions believed that it was a fun and great place to work.


Let Them Know You're The One


One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.

So how do those of that don’t have millions in brand marketing show potential recruits that our companies are great places to work? The answer is very simple – communication. The question is how and where to communicate what. The way to “appear as that company” is to show your prospects all of the awesome benefits and things that you as an insider already know about, that make up a culture that can attract top talent (extraordinary employees) and that they would want to be a part of.


They Should Want To Work For You


Clarity careers portal developmentThe two most influential and easiest ways to communicate that culture is through social channels and a careers portal. Although we can truly only control the outward-facing pieces of our social accounts (get your company’s LinkedIn profile looking complete and professional), we can completely control all the aspects of a careers portal. Many companies are using a careers portal to showcase or brag about all the things that your corporate site can’t do – culture, events, photo galleries, work-out facilities, parking garages, employee case studies, your “green” or community service participation, college recruiting, signing bonuses and more. The key is to get them excited enough to apply and want to work there. Then you get to pick the best candidates from people that want to be there, instead of trying to find and convince top talent to apply, or worse, spending countless hours and effort sifting through applicants to find the few superstars.


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