Who It Affects

First Step is to Understand What to Fix


Scenario 1: Manager Needs


I don’t have the time to do my own recruiting and don’t seem to be getting the qualified candidates I was hoping for from HR. I want people calling me asking for a job, not me spending my own time trying to drum up candidates or pester my employees to refer their friends every time I need someone. I’m sure there’s a bigger pool of top talent to cast their net.


Clarity careers portal helps attract top talentI had 300 candidates sent from Indeed come to my website in a week, without a single one filling out an application. So I hired Clarity to build a recruiting careers website and went from 4 to 14 therapists in 6 months!

Brian Braggs, COO, ShiningStarTherapy

address the pains of recruiting top talent


Scenario 2: The Candidate Needs


Rules to recruit and retain top talentYes, I want a new job, but I don’t have time to travel the globe interviewing to make sure it’s a good fit. I wish there was a better way for me to learn more about the culture, benefits, my career growth opportunities, people and the surrounding area without the wasted time of going through pointless interviews. Besides, my boss doesn't even know that I'm looking so I can't take a bunch of time off.


HR needs for recruiting top talentScenario 3: HR Needs


I’m constantly looking for new recruiting methods and we’ve even started spending 20% to the recruiters, but struggle to find good candidates. Either the recruiters aren’t selling us well, or we’re not. Either way, we need the company to sell itself; have the reputation and ability to showcase what we have to offer as an employer. Then we can spend our time qualifying candidates for the managers.



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