Clarity + = eCommerce Success

Whether you are in retail or manufacturing, online revenue remains a consistent income generator in today’s uncertain economy. Many sophisticated businesses identify this opportunity and make every effort to maximize these profits. With over 150,000 customers (last recorded in 2015), (NYSE:CRM) currently stands as the most popular customer relationship management tool. The democratic product assists in tracking and understanding organizations and their commerce efforts. Clarity helps Salesforce clients, ranging from Fortune 100 to mom and pop shops, reach and excel past their eCommerce goals by integrating with their prevalent customer repository.

Clarity Salesforce integration expertsFor more than 11 years, Clarity has been helping clients with sales force automation to manage inquiry-to-cash business processes—everything from demand-generation activities to transactions, to supporting through post-purchase activities. Integration Clarity’s application using helps deliver fast, easy-to-use, eCommerce benefits. Three of the biggest advantages of the Salesforce eCommerce integration are the real-time customer and purchase data, increased operational efficiencies, and enhanced business intelligence reporting.

Real-time Customer and Purchase Data

By leveraging critical transactional data, online businesses can begin to understand their customers more deeply, and as a result better serve their needs. Trends, behaviors, and actions tracked by users help business intelligence make the appropriate adjustments to drive the business. This Salesforce eCommerce integration is integral to understanding customer behavior, buying and abadoning patterns, trends and much more.

Increased Operational Efficiencies

In order to achieve real-time access to real-time information, organizations need a transactional data management (TDM) solution. With the real-time data, TDM solutions empower organizations to effectively maximize the performance, accessibility, and availability of the data that drives mission-critical business processes. This new intelligence helps identify areas for enhancement ranging from marketing to supply chain, positively affecting multiple decision makers.

Enhanced Business Intelligence Reporting

With TDM technology, users can competently populate their warehouse from multiple data sources, determine the appropriate data to pull, and, in some cases, alter the data on the fly to map to the data warehouse environment. From here, marketing can immediately determine if consumers are clicking in the right place, if an e-mail is effectively driving consumers to the site, and if those site visitors are converting into customers. Access to real-time data enhances online retailers to track customer behavior as it's happening, rather than waiting a couple days.

Clarity’s Expertise

Clarity has successfully enhanced the Salesforce environments for several fruitful eCommerce initiatives. When you work with Clarity to improve your company's web presence, you can feel rest assured that you are in the hands of industry experts and some of the most capable individuals in the industry. 

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