ClickDimensions vs. Act-On for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Which Marketing Tool Should Your Business Use?

Taking a look at which marketing automation tool works best with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

marketing toolsClickDimensions and Act-On are two great marketing automation tools that can be used to help with marketing campaigns and to assess your overall marketing strategy. Each can be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, enabling them to share collected data. They can both be simple to use and set up. Each handles the basic features of marketing automation tools such as email marketing, creating surveys and forms, social media and website visitor tracking, and lead scoring.

 Act-On Act-On

Act-On provides seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They strive to make your marketing campaigns and programs simpler and quicker. However, Act-On’s integration process with Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be complicated. You need to understand fully what you are doing before you try to integrate the two programs otherwise you could mess up your data. The synchronization between the Act-On and Microsoft Dynamics CRM can also be complicated but on the positive side, it allows you to personalize what information needs to be shared between the two programs and what information doesn’t. Act-On also offers advanced capabilities, such as SEO, but that will come at an extra cost. While Act-On can work well for small to medium sized business, it doesn’t have the more advanced features that large companies need.

ClickDimensions ClickDimensions

One of ClickDimensions biggest pros is the fact that it is fully embedding in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, unlike Act-On which requires integration. ClickDimensions is simple to use yet is feature rich. It is a great marketing automation tool for companies both big and small. The data that is collected by ClickDimensions is available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM as soon as it is acquired. If employees at your company are already skilled in using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, they will find using ClickDimensions to be extremely easy. ClickDimensions is also available at a lower price than Act-On. Unlike Act-On, ClickDimensions allows you to compose and send a marketing email from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. ClickDimensions enables you to never have to leave your CRM software to get to your marketing automation tools.


ClickDimensions or Act-On?

 When choosing a marketing automation tool to be paired with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ClickDimensions is the easy winner. 

When choosing between ClickDimensions and Act-On for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it is important to note that ClickDimensions was built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They were meant to be a perfect match. While Act-On does offer many of the same features as Click-Dimensions, it requires integration which means extra time and money. While Act-On does allow you to personalize what data synchronizes, ClickDimensions enables you to have all of the information that has been collected at your fingertips. When choosing a marketing automation tool to be paired with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ClickDimensions is the easy winner.

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