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As any nonprofit or member-based organization can tell you, efficiently managing a growing membership database is not an easy task. To do this, one must integrate a fully-functioning back-end database system with the front-end web site; and must often provide additional functionality for a members-only portal. Clarity has extensive experience in helping nonprofits, associations, and other membership organizations complete a robust overhaul of their membership system. Below are some of the most common technological needs to keep in mind as your membership base grows.


managing a membership database

Back-End Integration and Functionality

High-performing back-end functionality is essential for a membership-based organization. Not only must there be a consistent and effective Content Management System (CMS), but there must also be a set of fully integrated tools so that your membership portal or database can be managed from a single dashboard. Additionally, safe and secure registration is essential for any membership organization. Security measures that may be taken include built-in SSL certificates and a daily Trustwave security audit.

A Smooth, Dynamic Membership Portal

High-performing back-end functionality is essential for a membership-based organization.

Most membership organizations contain a membership portal, or a “members-only” section. These membership portals usually contain several requirements for peak functionality, including a secure log-in system and dynamic member-only updates and information. Members-only portals may also include: members-only training, membership award nomination forms, conference registration and set-up, a new records tool, Google Maps integration, a calendar of events, integrated voting systems, and role-based membership management. There may also be a membership directory, which could include a sort, filter, and search function.

Well-Designed and Credible Front-End Presence

To maintain current members and secure new ones, it is important for membership organizations to have a polished, trustworthy front-end presence. This means maintaining consistent branding, staying away from outdated web development practices, and updating your site in real-time. Marketing is essential, and sign-up should be encouraged with effective calls to action. You can also add front-end features like creating multi-tiered membership levels that dynamically update the cost of membership. Clarity offers all of these features and more.


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