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When running a business, operations usually require that you use many different software products for various purposes. You might have or need a CRM, a website, an online store, and other platforms that need to work together and integrate with each other. Done successfully, companies can achieve a high level of sales force automation, which improves revenue, customer satisfaction and loyalty, and much more.

Platform Integrations with eCommerce and Improving Operations

When these company-wide systems are used non-integrated, it creates a few problems. First and foremost, it creates data entry duplication and inefficiencies across departments. Potential entry errors are also an issue, and can be a big deal if order details in an eCommerce system do not match the data your company holds in house.

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM solutions on the planet, and many companies use it to organize tasks and relationships of their marketing and sales teams. It can be extremely important to integrate this tool into your eCommerce website and/or legacy systems in order to tie workflows and data together. Clarity Connect, our integration platform, provides Salesforce eCommerce integration solutions quickly and seamlessly. Whether you need custom real-time workflows, like processing tiered pricing for login authentication, inventory quantities, or sales orders, an integration helps streamline and improve efficiencies in all business processes.

Legacy Systems Integration

Much of the talk about integration is around big platforms like Dynamics, Salesforce, Zoho, Quickbooks, and many others. At Clarity, we know the importance of legacy systems and how the integration of these programs can be game changing for a business.

Pulling it all together

If your company is in need of an integration give us a call today!

In some instances, our clients will need complex integrations that pull together workflows and data from more than two tools. In very particular cases, a company will need to integrate Salesforce and legacy systems to a website or eCommerce platform. Clarity specializes in these types of complex integrations.

For more information, please visit our Salesforce eCommerce Integration Resource Center.