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B2B eCommerce: Six Ways to Compete with Amazon Business

How to compete with Amazon in B2B eCommerce

B2B competitionFrom B2B to B2C business markets, you are always going to face competition. Competition helps bring out the best in businesses, challenging them to improve their services, offerings, and overall business structure. Many B2B businesses find that Amazon Business (AmazonSupply’s successor) has become one of their main competitors. Known for its wide assortment of goods and Amazon Prime perks, Amazon can be a tough competitor. Below are some of the ways that you can help your B2B company contend with Amazon.

Provide Numerous High Quality Images

One way to offer something that Amazon doesn’t always provide is to offer numerous high quality images of your products. Amazon does a pretty good job of providing images for most of the products that are sold through their marketplace, but occasionally miss some because of the vast amount of products they sell. Including pictures of your products from multiple angles, close ups, and in use help your customer know exactly what the products will look like and gives your business an advantage.

B2B ContentPresent Informative Pages with In-Depth Content

Another way to compete with Amazon Business is to fill your site and product pages with informative product descriptions, uses and articles. While Amazon does a good job of presenting the basic necessary information of the products being sold, it usually doesn’t include any further content. Creating and publishing content and articles about ways that your products can be used and how other companies you sold to are benefiting from the product gives your customers more information about your products.

Create a Strong Marketing Presence

Amazon has proven to be a powerful force when it comes to marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). To be able to compete with them, your B2B business needs to create a strong marketing plan that includes personalized automated emails and strong SEO execution. One way that you can top them is to use dedicated sales representatives to reach out and sell to clients.

Employ a Powerful Built-for-B2B eCommerce Platform

One of the most impactful ways of contending with Amazon is to employ a powerful eCommerce platform that was built for B2B. It needs to be both scalable and truly customizable. Look for one that includes built in tools, like SEO, and is easy to integrate with your business software. An eCommerce platform that is able to handle a large number of simultaneous users and product listings is necessary for a B2B business looking to compete with Amazon. The ability to build in custom workflows and things like customer specific pricing can help you provide a customer experience that even Amazon can't match.

B2B business integrationsIntegrate Your Business Software

Integrating your CMS, ERP, and other business software with each other and your eCommerce platform and website helps you stay on top of your business and helps your employees access important information and data that helps them do their job best. Having consistent, up to the minute information about clients, their needs, and their orders as a result of the integration helps your business process orders better and provide good customer service. Forrester research found that the number one obstacle to providing a great digital experience to customers is poor integration. Make sure you have a platform that is built to integrate and that the integration is implemented properly.

Create an Easy to Navigate and Use eCommerce Site

One of the aspects that makes Amazon sites so popular is that they are user friendly and almost intuitive. To compete, you need to have an eCommerce site that is easy to navigate and has an excellent search tool. You need to have a site that makes a purchasing manager’s job as easy as possible so they will order from your business again and again.

Clarity Can Help 

Competing with a large powerhouse like Amazon can be intimidating for any size business, but with the right development company, you can develop an eCommerce site and business strategy that empowers your business to hold its own; Clarity Ventures can be that company. With decades of combined development experience, our team of experts is here to help your B2B business mature. To find out more about how Clarity can help your B2B company compete with Amazon and provide service that impresses your clients, call or click to contact us today!