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Creating Consistent Marketing Messages for B2B eCommerce

How technologies can help your B2B business maintain uniform marketing material

B2B eCommerce marketingIf you are a B2B eCommerce business, you understand the need to create and maintain a consistent marketing message. It helps your customers easily recognize communications without having to even read your business’s name. Establishing a marketing plan and using it to help keep your sales content, messages, and marketing campaigns consistent helps build brand loyalty and creates a sense of trust with your clients. Knowing exactly what they can expect from you helps keep customers coming back for more. Various technologies are available to assist your business in maintaining a clear and consistent marketing message. Below are examples of some technologies that can make a positive impact in your marketing consistency.

Utilizing Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) tools are robust pieces of technology that help you get to know and evaluate your customers in deep and meaningful ways. BI lets your track how often a customer visits your site, when they visit, what they view, and what they have bought, along with many other helpful information points. These important pieces of data can all be used to enable you to effectively market to your clients and send relevant marketing messages that are of interest to customers. Getting to know your customers, their interests, and their buying habits through BI helps you remain consistent in the types of content and marketing material that you send to them.

Automated Email MarketingEmploying Automated Marketing

Automated email and marketing software are other great pieces of technology that can help your B2B eCommerce business maintain a consistent marketing message. These tools allow you to create templates for all of your communications and can be made to look similar to your eCommerce site. The template feature helps your ensure that your logos, images, color palettes, and company description are consistent on every piece of marketing collateral your business sends out online. Integrating your automated marketing software with your eCommerce platform and site will also help make it easier for your to maintain marketing consistency across all of your platforms.

Using a CMS for Easy Content Sharing

Your content management system can be another great tool to help you keep your marketing material and message consistent. Most CMS’s include content sharing features that make it easy for you to share content across your site. Content sharing enables you to keep the design of your site and its contents consistent. For example, instead of having to create three separate footers that all contain the same information for three different pages, you could create one piece of content (the footer) and share it across all three pages. When you need to update the content, you only have to change it once, and it will be automatically changed on every page that the content is shared on. Content sharing helps you easily maintain and update your site while keeping your messages and marketing consistent.

Clarity Can Help

At Clarity, we specialize in helping business to business eCommerce companies find and use technologies that help their businesses succeed. We have helped numerous clients devise marketing plans, create email campaigns, and implement technology to help them follow through with them. Our team of experts has decades of combined experience creating and customizing software that lets eCommerce businesses marketing effectively. To find out more about maintaining a consistent marketing message for your B2B eCommerce business or to schedule an appointment with one of our marketing experts, call or click to contact us today!