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Industry Benchmarks indicates that automated lead management systems lead to a 416% increase in closed deals and a 10% increase in overall revenue. In fact, Oracle postulates that sales and marketing automation will have reached 50% market penetration in B2B organizations within the next year. Needless to say, if your enterprise organization isn't automated, your inefficiency is costing you sales and giving them to your competition. Nowhere is this CRM automation more important than in your b2b e-commerce solution. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the tools you can use for CRM integration with ecommerce and how to properly manage these e-commerce integrations in an automated fashion.


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CRM Software

Automated lead management systems lead to a 416% increase in closed deals and a 10% increase in overall revenue

The first step is CRM integration with your E-commerce website. This is imperative to behavior tracking so that your marketing and sales teams can make qualified decisions in an efficient manner from one easy to use, intuitive platform. E Commerce CRM integration render data entry obsolete. When a client or customer makes a purchase using your online shopping cart, all that information is transferred directly into an individual CRM profile. These individual profiles can be segmented into groups based on commonalities in behavior within your online store. Simply put, effective ecommerce CRM integrations give your team all the information they need to close the deal.

By itself, a CRM integration with ecommerce has a multitude of useful data, yet this data is limited to users who actually have an account, put items in a online shopping cart or checkout. To increase your online sales and marketing effectiveness, improve site conversions, and generate new leads, your enterprise level ecommerce software application needs to be taken to the next level. The next level is an infinitely more rich view of site visitors and user behavior with custom tailored sales and marketing techniques designed to solve individual needs heretofore unseen or unknown to your organization.


Online Behavior Tracking

Taking E-Commerce CRM integration to the next level will require a third party software. However, the whole point of this article is to automate the data collection process so your teams can look in one platform or place and see all the information gathered from various software and services. After properly setting up the software and integrating it with your CRM program, data generated by these programs will automatically be added to individual user profiles. Let's look at these new e commerce data streams.

heatmaps enterprise crm e-commerce integration platform solution | ClarityHeat Maps- Heat maps visualize mouse movement on your page and show you where 'hot spots' are, or the places that garner the most attention on a page. Use this to fine tune where your most important page items are or learn what attracts attention to a specific area of a page.

Clarity | click tracking overlays, b2b crm e-commerce integration solutionClick Tracking Overlays-This shows the percentages of people who clicked on certain items or buttons. Do the hottest areas on your page have high click percentages? If not, maybe rethink your call to action, message or the aesthetics of that link or form.

scroll maps, b2b crm ecommerce platform solution | ClarityScroll Maps- This shows how far down users are scrolling. When do they lose interest on a page?

click segmentation, CRM e-commerce automation integration solution | ClarityClick Segmentation-This shows the above user data, but segments the data into groups based on traffic sources. Refine your marketing or sales message based on what specific groups are interested in, then lead them to exactly what they want by making it easy for them to find.

visitor recording, website analytics integration, CRM ecommerce platform solution | ClarityVisitor Recordings-Imagine standing behind a visitor to your e-commerce site and seeing how they interact with it. This is essentially what visitor recordings are. You can watch an individual's screen when on the site to see what they are most interested in or where they lose interest.

IP tracking, b2b crm ecommerce analytics integration solution | ClarityIP tracking-This feature give somewhat of a face to all the data you've collected. Instead of nameless and faceless users, enterprise ecommerce businesses can see the company who is visiting their site. The visitor IP address is tracked to the location from which that user is visiting and open-source information like company name, email, phone and address are automatically inserted into the user's profile.

individual user paths, ecommerce analytics integration solution, CRM e-commerce integration platform | ClarityIndividual User Paths- You might be familiar with the 'Behavior Flow' tool within Google Analytics. This feature takes that information from the aggregate level to the individual level, allowing you to see how individuals move through your site.

So now your sales team can look at a profile generated by an efficient ecommerce CRM integration and see who is visiting, what they're interested in, what they're not interested in, and tailor their sales message to literally the exact wants, needs, and desires of the prospective customer. Your marketing team will be able to acquire new leads for the sales team by refining the acquisition and user experience process on your b2b ecommerce web store.


Which companies provide advanced site analytics for CRM integration?

I'll give you a list of some of the best companies that track online user behavior. There are more, but these are some of the most established and well known. This makes them easier to integrate with your enterprise ecommerce platform and CRM integration data.

CrazyEgg has some real strength more digital marketers and UX designers. Their process is pretty user friendly, easy to set up and aesthetically appealing. They focus on click tracking, heat maps, scroll maps and traffic segmentation.
Mouseflow is very similar to CrazyEgg with a couple key differences. Mouseflow does not have advanced traffic segmentation, but does have live mouse tracking and slightly more advanced link tracking.
Cooladata is an Israeli company that just left beta. This platform is exciting because it uses predicitve analytics based on past behavior and even shows a users' traffic flow from entry to checkout as well. Very good on ranking visitors based on their value from extracted data. Customized for your specific business needs and important metrics. Good API integration capability and individual user path tracking.


This company uses IP and analytical data to track site visitors and associate them with specific companies or organizations. See which businesses are most interested in your B2B e-commerce platform!


Click Dimensions is like all of the above, but includes email marketing. This software is highly recommended for an email drip campaign based on the data generated by the above ecommerce integrations and custom HTML templates. Additionally, Click Dimensions automatically adds the data it garners from email campaigns and updates the lead status within your CRM software.
Aside from having killer blog articles dealing with online analytics, Kiss Metrics' greatest strength is its segmentation of referral traffic (both paid and organic) and analyzing their effectiveness over time. Another useful feature is the tracking of devices and platforms used and adding that information to the individual profile.


Target Audience Segmentation

In an ideal scenario, you would integrate your ecommerce platform data and data from one or several of these companies with your CRM software. Then, using this rich, robust and highly segmented data, your sales and marketing team can create custom tailored messages that convert into sales. Generate qualified leads automatically, leaving your sales team to focus on the prospective customers with the highest liklihood of buying your product. Using an integrative strategy, you can increase revenue and closed sales with admirable efficiency.


How to Integrate

Unfortunately, if you don't know where to start or don't have the development resources, this integrative strategy for your enterprise ecommerce CRM software can be a daunting task. Clarity specializes in these types of integrations and more.

Clarity has delivered on over 1,200 projects for over 650 clients who range from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our integration work with the Walt Disney Co. was mentioned in Forbes. If you want a qualified, professional CRM ecommerce integration built that simply works and gives your team the data and efficiency you need, call Clarity today for a free consultation!


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