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crm integration for nonprofitsIf you’re a nonprofit, then managing your donors, volunteers, clients, and constituents is a must. Without an organized way to track the people with whom you interact each day, you can let important stakeholders slip through the cracks. Below are a few ways in which you can use a Dynamics CRM eCommerce platform to maximize the effectiveness and impact of your nonprofit.

Track Donors and Streamline Follow-Up

The main reason people donate to your nonprofit is because they are invested in your impact. As such, it is especially important to thank your donors, communicate to them where their money is going, and follow up with them about your nonprofit’s progress. As a nonprofit, you are also in a great position to send out newsletters that highlight successes, member stories, volunteer profiles, and more. Having a CRM system for your nonprofit can make sure that every interaction you have with your donors is a positive one.

Pair Volunteers with Clients

Nonprofit Microsoft CRM eCommerce can be customized to create pairs or groups, so that if you find yourself in a situation in which you need to pair volunteers with clients—for a mentorship program, for example—you can easily do so. If you have groups of volunteers that perform different functions, your CRM integration can also accommodate this. Combined with a streamlined member portal, this can be a powerful way of organizing your volunteers and making sure everyone’s skills are accounted for and appreciated.

The final way you can leverage your CRM system for your nonprofit is by using it to track leads.

Convert Leads to Volunteers or Donors

The final way you can leverage your CRM system for your nonprofit is by using it to track leads. Build an integrated interest form into your website, enter information from sign-up sheets at volunteer fairs, or take down names at fundraising events. Then use your CRM system to follow up with and communicate with those people. Pursuing your leads will pay off hugely, and a Dynamics CRM eCommerce platform can make doing so easy.