Custom Modules and Best Practices for DNN Platforms

custom dnn module development best practices

Even though there are dozens of third-party DotNetNuke modules on the market, you may find that at the end of the day, you still need a module that is hyper-specific to your business. Fortunately, the DotNetNuke framework is geared for custom module development. Read on to learn about custom module development at Clarity, and the best practices we follow in order to help your business succeed.

Custom DNN Module Best Practices for DotNetNuke

Clarity follows the DotNetNuke development best practices that are laid out by Microsoft. This means we use the separated concerns model, which is a three-tier system of organizing our coding. If we’re changing out an interface layer for a mobile site, for example, the database, business logic, and processes will belong to separate layers. The UI then brings data from the database through the business layer and into the presentation layer. This is beneficial because custom modules are perfectly suited for taking advantage of separated concerns; you could have an intranet version and a mobile version of the same website, for example.

Examples of Custom DotNetNuke Modules

Due to the ease of DotNetNuke development, the initial investment can be quite low.

Clarity has designed countless custom DotNetNuke modules for our clients. For example, one client approached us in need of a portfolio that would cleanly and attractively display all of his company’s past work. Clarity designed a custom DotNetNuke portfolio module, which put work on display in an organized, user-friendly, and beautiful format. We have also designed modules that integrate with maps, custom directory modules, and much more.

Custom DNN Module Development in Austin, TX

If you’re looking for a module that will perfectly suit the needs of your business, contact Clarity today. Due to the ease of DotNetNuke development, the initial investment can be quite low. Return on investment, however, is high. Let us help you give your customers exactly what they deserve!


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