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Advantages of Custom Manufacturing and Distribution Product Catalog Development 

How a custom online product catalog solution can help your manufacturing or distribution business

Product CatalogYour online product catalog can do a lot for your manufacturing or distribution business. It houses all of the products that your business sells, keeps your goods organized into categories that make them easier to find, and can bring in new customers that you would have had no chance of reaching otherwise. With all of the things that an online product catalog can do for your business, why would you want it to be generic? A distribution eCommerce solution will help set your business apart from the rest and can be exactly what you want it to be. Below are some of the benefits of using a custom solution for online product catalog development.

The Right Look and Feel 

Choosing to go custom allows manufacturers and distributors to make their online product catalogs look however they want them to. While most catalog software will limit you to a template that has been used by thousands of other companies, a customized catalog solution ensures that your catalog is tailored made for your business and will match seamlessly with the rest of your website. Since branding is important for all businesses, especially manufacturers, having a customized online product catalog makes certain that your every page of your catalog goes perfectly with your brand’s specific look and feel.

Online Product CatalogLimitless Categories and Products 

Another excellent benefit of a manufacturing custom eCommerce solution is the ability to have as many products and categories as you want. Most product catalog software will limit you to a certain number of products and categories. Custom solutions are designed to handle each business’s specific needs. This is great for distributors who can sell a wide variety of different products and could easily add hundreds of new products in one day when they partner with a new company. A customized online product catalog solution will be able to handle these needs and can be designed to let businesses easily add or subtract products and categories with ease. If your products have multiple configurable options, there may be no limit to the variations that are possible. A custom solution can create dynamically-constructed SKUs as the variations are purchased, and you'll need to make sure the database can scale up along side the products.

Optimize for SEO Value

Many manufacturers and distributors don't realize the wealth of great SEO content their product catalogs represent. A manufacturing eCommerce integration will allow you to optimize this content to be properly crawled by Google and other major search engines. SEO for products can be tricky, because typically manufacturers and distributors have many very similar products with slight variations. It is important to write unique content for each product to avoid pages being read as duplicate content. Clean and simple URLs, appropriate links to other pages on your site, and product images with relevant keywords in the metadata (think alt-text) will all help boost the SEO value of your product catalog. Keep long-tail keywords in mind, as there is less competition and greater SEO reward over the broader, more common phrasings.

Excellent Organization 

A custom distribution eCommerce platform gives manufacturers and distributors a chance to organize their products however they want to. For example, a custom solution can allow distributors to have a multi-store catalog. If they wanted to create different stores for each line of products they distribute, a custom multi-store solution allows them to run and sell their entire inventory from one master catalog. If they want to have multiple stores that are separated by product types, they can use the custom product catalog to separate them that way. A custom product catalog solution allows both manufacturers and distributors to organize their products in a way that works best for their businesses.

Clarity Can Help 

For nearly a decade, Clarity Ventures has been providing innovative and customized solutions for B2B eCommerce businesses. We pride ourselves in giving our clients solutions that will help their businesses be successful and grow. Our team of expert developers has created numerous custom product catalogs for many of our clients. To find out more about how a customized product catalog can benefit your business, call or click to contact us today!