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B2B Customized Workflows Advantages 

How creating customized workflows helps your B2B business succeed

custom workflowsYour B2B business isn’t standard, why should your workflows be? While workflows have been shown to improve and streamline business processes, cookie-cutter workflows don’t achieve maximum results for every business. B2B eCommerce businesses in particular are usually anything but cookie cutter and have their own specific business needs and processes. Instead of trying to make your square peg business fit into round hole workflows, you can create and employ your own custom workflows that are specific to your business.

Better Business Efficiency

It is a well known fact that workflows and workflow automation can improve your business efficiency. They help you automate and streamline processes saving valuable time and resources. However, when you customize a workflow, you can zero in on specific tasks and processes that you couldn’t when using a generic workflow. You can add in or automate extra steps that could save you and your employees more time and allow you to be more productive. Many times, this capability represents much more than a nice feature for improving efficiency; your business may not be able to accomplish its online goals at all without customizing workflows. This highlights the importance of knowing the capabilities of an eCommerce platform before moving forward with it.


When using generic workflows, you might often find yourself adjusting your business and processes to fit the prefabricated workflows. But the truth is the workflow should fit your business, not the other way around. Custom workflows give you the flexibility to create and adjust the workflow to meet your specific business needs. If you need to add another step or change something, custom workflows allows you to do that in a way that generic workflows can’t.

Greater Visibility

Another excellent benefit of workflows is visibility. You are able to see what stage something is at in the workflow, how long each tasks takes, and what employees have contributed to it. Being able to see the status of an order, identify any problems or issues, and monitor performance helps your business improve its workflows and processes. Using customized workflows allows you to easily make adjustments to your workflows and see right away if that makes a difference in your business.

eCommerce platform codingUsing the Right Platform

The key to creating customized workflows is using the right eCommerce platform. The platform that you choose needs to be fully extensible and allows you access to the code. Having access to the code enables you to modify the source code as needed and access API endpoints for integrations. The platform should also allow you to overwrite logic instead of extend it, if that’s what you prefer. Picking an eCommerce platform with these capabilities helps you create and employ custom workflows.

Clarity Can Help 

At Clarity, we know the impact that customized workflows can have on a business. Being able to create workflows that fit your business’s specific needs help you improve processes as well as business efficiency. For nearly a decade, our team of expert developers has been creating and implementing custom workflows for our B2B and B2C clients. Our eCommerce platform, Clarity eCommerce, makes it easy for any business to customize their workflows. To find out more about creating custom workflows or to speak with a developer about improving your business’s workflows, call or click to contact us today!