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Clarity Ventures is unique because our clients have access to customized development work. Customized eCommerce development allows you to have an entire system that is dedicated to the way that your company does business. From the design of the pages to the way that customers make purchases, you can count on the site to provide your company and everyone working at it with the information they need to boost sales and to provide better customer service.

ERP and CRM Integration for Online Commerce

Customized eComm Development with Technologies like ASP.Net and MY SQL

Customize eCommerce development involves creating an entire system that your business can rely upon to get the most complex eCommerce tasks done. Instead of just a site, you get the starting point for a flow of information that helps your entire business work better. Integrated with ERP and CRM software, your eCommerce platform can help your business to provide better service to everyone you do business with. It has benefits for your company, as well.

Enterprise Level B2B eCommerce

Every business has different ways of getting the job done. Whether you have an arrangement with single- or multi-step workflow, customized eCommerce development can make sure that the technology you use accommodates it to the fullest. This means that you don’t have to worry about information not making it to the right people. With the right design, order information is conveyed to accounting, shipping and other departments as soon as it is provided by the customer!

Secure and Safe for Online Sales

When you have your development handled by professionals, you can be sure that the technology you're working on won't leave your customers in a dangerous situation when they're sharing information online with your company. From the database that stores their information to the payment gateways that complete their purchases, customers can have the full measure of confidence that comes with knowing that the business they're dealing with is staffed by professionals that use professional technology to get the job done!

Proven Technologies Like ASP.Net and .Net

Using resources such as ASP.Net, MY SQL and other well-known and much-used technologies, a professional developer gives you access to a site that can scale up infinitely. This means that, no matter how big your business gets, you'll be able to handle the workload without having to get new technology to do it. If you need custom web development for your eCommerce platform, be sure to watch out for these technologies, as they indicate that your site is being designed for a company that intends to grow and keep on growing into the future.

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