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Clarity Ventures makes it easy for our clients to customize their shopping cart and checkout to their unique product or business. Customized checkouts for B2B eCommerce are necessities. There are many products that involve specialized purchasing, such as those that are paid for with POs, and sometimes a business will have such a broad and international client base that further customizations will be called for. This all means that there needs to be customized solutions available for every business out there and that developers have to be willing to go above and beyond to provide them.

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Customized B2B Checkout Features

For businesses that sell internationally, there need to be ways for customers in other nations to use payment systems that may not be from the domestic market. Accommodating other currencies and adjusting prices to match is also a necessity and one that can be accomplished using the right type of software. Customized checkouts for B2B eCommerce sometimes fulfill other important roles in the business process, as well.

Enterprise Level Information Workflows

Customized checkouts for B2B eCommerce make sure that the customer provides the right information for the business that's selling them the goods. This is done by providing certain fields that have to be filled out before a transaction is completed. In situations where there are variables that have to be known before an order can be completed properly, this is imperative. Without these controls, the business can end up having to go back to the customer to complete the order, taking up time and giving an unprofessional look to the company.

ERP Integration and Information Sharing

When an order is completed, there is almost always more than one department that needs to know about it. Sales needs to know the new client information, order fulfillment means that picking and shipping need to be taken care of as soon as possible and the accounting department needs to be able to register and process the transaction. The process of sharing information can be taken care of by software automatically, freeing up the business to take more orders and saving a vast amount of time.

Design, Branding, and Business to Business eCommerce

The looks of customized checkouts for B2B eCommerce are relevant to the overall professionalism of the site.

The looks of customized checkouts for B2B eCommerce might not be the first concerns, but they are relevant to the overall professionalism of the site. Working with designers, you can ensure that your brand image is shown in a flattering light throughout the purchase process and that your business always comes off as very professional and advanced. These design considerations can be taken into account where the design of your entire site is concerned, of course.

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