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Dynamics AX eCommerce Integration

Dynamics AX eCommerce Integrations | Clarity

Integrating ecommerce with Dynamics AX

Tips for and benefits of integrating Dynamics AX with your ecommerce platform

Integrating Dynamics AX ecommerce allows your robust ERP system and your ecommerce platform to share important information, enabling your business to improve efficiency and data accuracy.

Dynamics AXDynamics AX 

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a robust ERP solution for enterprise businesses that need a powerful business operating platform. Dynamics AX enables its users to manage their finances, human resources, sales, supply chain and more both easily and efficiently. 

Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta) is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution software for large businesses that need power and need a more robust and complex system. Dynamics AX includes over a dozen base modules including inventory management, sales & marketing, as well as accounting. To ensure you're purchasing the correct ERP (Microsoft offers four of them), you need to know that the latest version of Dynamics AX is now called, Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations. There are also industry specific modules available to customize Dynamics AX to suit your company’s specific business needs.

Integrating Dynamics AX with ecommerce

  • Utilize AIF - Microsoft Dynamics AX’s application integration framework (AIF) allows your Dynamics AX software to send and receive data from outside applications and systems. AIF is the web services based platform exposing the endpoints needed to integrate with Dynamics AX from outside applications, like Clarity ecommerce.

  • Use Clarity Connect - Clarity’s robust integration platform, Clarity Connect, serves as a communication hub between Dynamics AX and your ecommerce platform, ensuring that data is properly transferred via a seamless Dynamics ecommerce integration. It also provides the message queue so data transfer is asychronous, allowing both platforms to work independently (eg. ecommerce still takes and processes orders when AX is down being updated or patched).

  • Employ SSL - When implementing an integration, Clarity always arranges for data to be transmitted over SSL (secure socket layers) to keep data secure. Google also now "bonuses" sites that are completely secure, boosting your rankings over competitor sites that are not fully secure.

  • Automate Data Transfers - One of the best benefits of integration is automated data transfers between systems (real-time and batch data transmissions), which saves your employees from having to manually transfer the data. 

  • Edit and Update Data from One System - integration allows you to view and change data in both systems from one place. Similar to an MDM (master data management) solution, where you define one system to be the master of the data, and the others to be synchronized copies of that exact data.

Dynamics AX and ecommerce integrationTo get the most out of your Dynamics AX and ecommerce integration, it needs to be configured and implemented correctly. Using Dynamics AX AIF provided by Microsoft to integrate with ecommerce will allow you to easily transfer data and documents between Dynamics AX and your ecommerce. Clarity Connect, Clarity’s middleware solution, also helps make your integration work right. It serves as a series of queues, storing and sending information from one system until is successfully received by the other. To keep your information secure, data transmissions should always happen over SSL. 

An integration between an advanced ERP system like Dynamics AX and an ecommerce platform can be very beneficial. It saves you and your employee’s time and resources by handling the transfer of data and making sure you only have to update your data in one system. It also provides you and your customer with the most up to date information about sales and inventory, transferring current data from your Dynamics AX system to your ecommerce site or vice versa, such as processing sales orders and returns in real-time, as well as processing and sending invoices to your customers.

Why Clarity


Our expert development team at Clarity has over 350 years of combined experience helping businesses with their software and website development, implementation, and integration. 

Know How

Clarity has implemented numerous Microsoft Dynamics, including Dynamics AX, and ecommerce integrations. Clarity is a Microsoft Dynamics Certified partner and our developers are highly experienced at working with Microsoft products. 

Proven Technology

Clarity Connect, Clarity’s middleware solution, is a proven integration technology that helps simplify the transfer of data between software and platforms. Our B2B ecommerce platform, Clarity ecommerce, is an highly performant, customizable and modular platform, used in small to Enterprise businesses with few to millions of SKUs with one to hundreds of connected online stores in many countries. 

Customized solutions

At Clarity, we don’t force our clients into cookie cutter integrations that produce mediocre results. We take the time to learn about your business and create a custom solution that will benefit your company, customers, and employees the most. 

To learn more about how Clarity can integrate your Dynamics AX software with ecommerce, visit the Dynamics AX integration Resource Center.

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