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Integrating Dynamics AX, eCommerce, and Shipping Providers 

Dynamics AX eCommerce and the top freight and shipping carriers

ShippingIntegrating your Dynamics AX software with your preferred freight or shipping carrier or a number of different shipping carriers can help your eCommerce business manage tracking numbers, quickly generate and print mailing labels, decrease the overall time spent preparing and shipping orders to your customers, as well as providing them more choices in shipping rates. Your eCommerce marketplace comes into play by being integrated with both your Dynamics AX and the shipping provider, and acts as an intermediary between the two, working with both of them to help pass information along information if the carrier can’t be directly integrated with Dynamics AX. Below are some freight and shipping carriers that can be integrated with your Dynamics software, saving valuable time, sharing important information, and increasing efficiency.

Freight Carriers 

Freight carriers, sometimes referred to as LTL carriers, are in charge of shipping large items that the post office and regular shipping companies can’t handle due to the item's physical size and weight. Clarity has already integrated with the top 20 freight carriers and can easily pull important information from those freight carrier’s websites or software, such as the bill of lading and tracking information and status. Listed below are some of the most popular freight carriers and tips for integrating them with Dynamics AX and your eCommerce.


Con-way Freight is an experienced freight hauling company that services the United States, Canada, Mexico, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. When it comes to integration, Con-way’s goal is to make it as simple as possible to integrate with your business systems. It uses XML, for EDI integration, and has sample code to help businesses integrate with Con-way.

YRCYRC Freight 

YRC Freight is a company whose expertise is an LTL (less than load transportation) and services all of North America. To seamlessly integrate your eCommerce with YRC, they provide you with their own unique APIs for terminal locations, tracking, rate quotes, and documents.

ABF Freight 

ABF Freight is also highly experienced in LTL and serves most of North America. ABF has their own APIs for tracking, transit times, documentation, bill of lading, pickup request, and rate quotes, to help your business integrate your website or eCommerce offering with ABF.

R+L Carriers 

R+L Carriers offers almost every kind of freight shipping service. They ship and deliver to all of North America. To integrate your eCommerce with R+L carriers, they provide you with their own APIs, which can be used to integrate tools for rate quotes, shipment tracing, transit times calculation, and proof of delivery.

International Shipping

The top domestic and international shipping providers are UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL. Clarity eCommerce is already integrated with all four and we can integrate any of them with your website or eCommerce implementation. Each of them are capable of being integrated with your Dynamics AX software through APIs, allowing your business to push and pull shipping information and data to your Dynamics AX systems in real time.


UPS (The United Parcel Service) is a global shipping leader that services over 200 countries and territories around the world. They handle regular shipping as well as freight services. UPS provides a Worldship API which helps your business integrate Dynamics AX with UPS, enabling you to automate shipping and printing labels and import and export customer information and orders. UPS also has various other APIs that can be used to integrate your eCommerce with the shipping provider’s tools, to service things like VAT taxes, customs and duties.


The United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the most recognized mail and package delivery businesses. The USPS has developer accounts that can access shipping APIs that enable you to integrate Dynamics AX with USPS. The USPS Web Tools are APIs that can be used to integrate your eCommerce with USPS services.


FedEx is a top global shipping and courier delivery service that services more than 220 countries and territories. FedEx also handles freight in addition to regular shipping items. Like the USPS, FedEx has developer accounts that can access APIs that will allow you to create an integration with Dynamics AX. They also provide APIs to help you integrate your eCommerce with FedEx.


DHL is part of Deutsche Post DHL, a German logistics company that specializes on express mail and shipping services. DHL allows for integration through their APIs, connecting your eCommerce with DHL. The information received by your eCommerce can then be sent to your Dynamics AX through your eCommerce and AX integration.

Clarity Can Help

At Clarity, we know how beneficial integrations can be for your business. For more than 13 years, Clarity has been integrating countless business software and systems with each other and especially with eCommerce platforms. Our eCommerce platform, Clarity eCommerce, is able to be integrated with almost any software because it was built to be robust, yet flexible. Our team of expert developers is highly skilled at performing integrations, from basic to very custom. To find out more about integrating your Dynamics AX with eCommerce and shipping software or to speak with a developer about your integration project, visit our Dynamics AX eCommerce Integration Resource Center.