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Dynamics CRM E-Commerce Integration, Microsoft CRM Ecommerce | Clarity

Automate Your Business Intelligence & Increase Revenue


Get to know your online customers better. Respond and adapt to current and historical trends. Integrating your Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your ecommerce platform allows your enterprise business to maintain the agility of a smaller company while maintaining consistent branding. AI or machine learning modules (available with Clarity ecommerce) can learn and track your customers' behavior, browsing patterns, purchasing trends and react via rules to different types of patterns, such as serving up the appropriate coupons, taking them to specific landing pages and more. All of this, sometimes called Personalization, is shown to increase conversions by 20% on average.

New orders are automatically recorded in CRM, allowing you to build on existing accounts and create historical records without manual input or data entry. This data allows your business to build rich psychological consumer profiles so as to individualize the shopping experience according to their wants, needs and preferences. Wouldn't it be great as a sales rep to have a report called, "Customers at Risk," which I can look at every day and know who are my most important calls to make?  Well, now you can.


Microsoft Dynamics Nav ERP & ecommerce integration

Make the most of your CRM data. Connect supply chain and back-end ERP to meet consumer demand efficiently. Custom solutions allow you to automate data transference from CRM to ERP systems. Teams across your enterprise ecommerce organization can access desired data immediately, allowing your company to do business in real time. The integration of the platforms allows you to automate complex business processes, provide real-time data to and from your customers, improve customer service, provide automated quotes and invoices, set up and maintain perpetual and accurate real-time inventory, and literally hundreds of other benefits, least of which is improving efficiency and getting rid of your dirty data (improved data accuracy).


Improved Customer Service

Integrated CRM data allows your ecommerce platform to segment and customize consumer experiences (UX Personalization). This not only gives the user a better experience, but also shortens the distance between the initial visit and checkout, resulting in increased sales conversions. Decrease checkout times and handle complex transactions like coupons and exclusive offers, multi-tiered pricing, custom pricing rules, multiple inventory locations, automated international shipping estimates, improved self-guided tasks (pay invoices, re-order easily, submit custom quotes, process returns, etc.). Numerous studies have shown, especially for B2B, improving customer service directly correlates to increased sales and customer retention.

Here's a great infographic on consumer psychology at online checkout (also shown to the right).


Optimize Merchandising and Inventory

Get an in depth look at consumer preferences and store performance that allow you to optimize inventory based on recurring trends like seasonal shopping, current event triggers and pricing strategy. Respond immediately to trends in purchasing behavior and improve product pricing management while reducing inventory costs.

Increase Employee Productivity

By automating typically manual processes like inventory, pricing, product availability, promotions, shipping options, marketing updates and other data entry tasks, Dynamics CRM ecommerce integration allows your staff to focus on more productive and less redundant tasks. The notion that more productive employees generate more revenue is a pillar of basic business sense.

See more in-depth analysis of the benefits of ecommerce solutions with Microsoft Dynamics

Custom integration

For enterprise E Commerce businesses, custom integration is almost always the most astute choice. Why? All B2B ecommerce companies who want to integrate their Microsoft CRM with their web store have unique needs and operate in different ways both within and outside the organization. It doesn't make sense to integrate Dynamics CRM and your online shopping cart in a way that isn't cohesive with the practices of your organization.  Check out this example of how Clarity helped CPAmerica accomplish their B2B E-Commerce goals.


Clarity CRM E-Commerce solutions

Clarity has a proven track record earned from over 350 satisfied clients and over 650 individual projects. Clarity specializes in custom ecommerce solutions for enterprise or B2B businesses. Additionally, Clarity is a Gold DNN partner and works extensively with Microsoft .NET frameworks, giving us unmatched expertise when integrating Microsoft products such as Dynamics CRM with online platforms.

  • Extensive research and interview process for the best custom solution
  • DNN Gold Partner
  • Microsoft .NET Partne
  • Has worked with both Fortune 500 and Startup companies
  • Extensive experience with Microsoft Dynamics Suite
  • Strong project management
  • solutions that scale with your growth






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