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eCommerce for Nonprofit Organizations and Associations


nonprofit ecommerce for products and membershipsECommerce is a fundamental part of many businesses, but it's a different animal when it comes to nonprofits. There are several separate considerations and features that nonprofits usually need beyond what is provided for a normal business, such as specialized tax and grant management software.


The reason for this is that the needs of nonprofit eCommerce are often much more complex than a standard for-profit eCommerce solution, and there are specific regulations around the operations of this type of group.

Major Clarity eCommerce Features for Nonprofits

  • Capture donations
  • integration with popular ERP/CRM systems
  • Event and ticket order management
  • Have an unlimited amount of member types, order types, etc.
  • Showcase different events/donations/etc. to different types of users
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and integration into other social media tools
  • Grant management software for nonprofits

Requirements of a US Nonprofit

Of course, if you're an existing or prospective nonprofit you're aware of the requirements to be considered a nonprofit. These are the qualifications Clarity looks for:

  • 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization with supporting documentation to present as proof of nonprofit status
  • Non-Political Organizations
  • Organizations whose primary purpose is non-religious in nature, but organizations sponsored by religious groups are eligible
  • Must not discriminate based on race or color, religion, gender, national origin, veteran, sexual orientation and disability
  • Must be headquartered in the United States of America

Membership Features

If your nonprofit is an association with members, you will want a membership management system within your website. With this type of setup, you'll be able to offer specials or insider events to those members (or even discount pricing on your products).

Donations Integration

Donation integration is an extremely important consideration for nonprofit websites, obviously. You want donations to be as easy as possible for visitors to make, in order to have the best possible conversions. This type of integration can be on every page of the website with interactive engagement to make the donation process more enticing.

Work With World Class eCommerce Developers & Support!

Most if not all of Clarity's success can be attributed to the level of talent that we bring on year in and year out. When you work with Clarity to improve your company's web systems, you can feel rest assured that you are in the hands of industry experts and some of the most capable individuals in the industry. The result has been a market-leading Clarity eCommerce solution. 

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