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How Organizations Utilize Authorize.Net for eCommerce Processing

Clarity utilizes Authorize.Net to drive revenueTeams who work with Authorize.Net begin using it as a simple, low-cost and reliable payment processing provider. Authorize.Net heavily invested into their APIs, documentation, and tools. Now, it has become a standard and well-supported solution for eCommerce payment processing. However, Authorize.Net can tackle more than just payment processing. Many clients find Authorize.Net eCommerce processing useful for managing an ARB or Automated Recurring Billing process, subscriptions and ongoing renewals, enhanced validation and fraud prevention, as well as retail, tax and shipping integration. Since it’s such a robust application, AN offers a myriad of options for leveraging the processing tool set and brings a complete solution to the table for administrative reporting and transaction review/management.

With Clarity's eCommerce platform, the Authorize.Net payment processing is supported out of the box. In addition, the platform is malleable and offers the ability to extend the core functionality that comes off the shelf to enable automation and process improvement for things like Returns/RMAs, shipping integration, taxes, international payments, multi-currency, etc.

Authorize.Net eCommerce Integration for Recurring Subscriptions Case Study

Clarity increases Authorize.Net's Clarity's client, Omnivita Dental, determined they wanted to create a specific niche eCommerce site that delivers an alternative option for dental and pharmacy/prescription drug insurance. Due regulatory changes, taking advantage of healthcare laws has become a rapid growth space within the healthcare vertical. The Omnivita team leveraged the Clarity eCommerce platform with an automated recurring billing /subscription module to bring a solution to market. This allows visitors to enroll themselves, their spouse or significant other, and their entire family via a monthly or annual recurring subscription.

The Authorize.Net payment processing is an SSL secured process that runs behind the scenes via the Auth.Net API integration to the eCommerce site. Customers view an Omnivita branded site throughout the process; while they browse the Google Maps integrated coverage/provider lookup, when they visit the plan options page, when they see their cart, and when they checkout and confirm. During the checkout process, the secure payment data passes securely over SSL (encrypted), Authorize.Net receives the request for an ARB (automated recurring billing) process and responds with a tokenized ID that the Omnivita system stores. Note, this allows the Omnivita system to process payments in the future without needing to store customer payment details on their database/servers. Thus, the Omnivita eCommerce integration to Authorize.Net is PCI-DSS compliant.

How Omnivita Benefits from an Authorize.Net ARB Integration

Due to the Authorize.Net ARB integration, the Omnivita team exchanged manual payment processes with an automated recurring revenue stream. They're able to leverage the off the shelf tools for Authorize.Net that enable reporting, ARB rules and requirements to prevent fraud and manage overall account and specific visitor transaction data. In addition to handling subscriptions, the site is also multi-lingual and leverages an advanced zip-code / distance based Google maps integration.

Clarity and Authorize.Net

For more projects with similar functionality, please feel free to review our portfolio or reach out to our sales team for more specific information. Clarity has notched almost 1,000 website projects on their belt, and we continually strive to prove our worth.