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Creating and Changing Pages Based on Market and Consumer Trends



For any ecommerce website, it is the job of the marketer to monitor consumer behavior trends and market changes. In online commerce, these changes can occur in the blink of an eye, and it's essential that your marketing can quickly pivot strategy accordingly.

Your marketing team is also responsible for increasing sales via the optimization of conversion rates on ecommerce product pages. The most effective way to do this is through constant A/B testing, or making small variable changes and monitoring results. You'd be surprised just how much of an effect changing the color of a product, the wording or color of a checkout button, the location of links, size of pictures and so much more can have on your key metrics. Even very small positive percentage changes can have a massive effect for businesses with thousands of website visitors per day. Your marketing team should always be testing some aspect of a page, as there is an almost limitless amount of variables that can make small or huge positive changes to sales and your bottom line. For more information on the best way to A/B test your ecommerce website, check out this great blog post from KissMetrics.
However, your marketing team cannot rely on developers for all the changes they constantly need to make nor should they spend an entire day attempting to make a small change or implement a simple feature. This is what Indeed's Dan Heller calls 'engineering velocity,' or the ability to consistently increase your ability to make changes, test and add features to your site in less and less time. For ecommerce pages, the key to achieving this lies in a simple, user friendly interface that intuitively guides your marketing team through the process of making changes to each product page in a short amount of time.


What Changes Can I Make or Test?

While this ultimately depends on your individual ecommerce website, there are a few universal things to consider making changes to while measuring results compared to the original page:

  • Product Pictures
  • Colors (This can include product colors, checkout button colors and more)
  • Calls to Action
  • On-Page Copy
  • The number of form fields

  • There are literally countless variables to test. However, a common mistake many people make is a failure to ensure statistical significance in their test results. You absolutely must make sure that there are enough visitors to your webpage to ensure results of tests are accurate.




    But My Marketing Team Doesn't Know How to Code!


    With Clarity's professional SEO services, we have created a text-based user interface that gives literally anyone that knows how to type the ability to make quick changes to product pages. For businesses that have a plethora of product pages of which to keep track, this is an extremely valuable and useful feature. 

    Additionally, intuitive, user-friendly tools for Ecommerce SEO development allow your marketers to make changes to title tags, meta descriptions, alt texts, on-page content and countless other SEO Optimization tweaks to custom tailor your product's individual SEO strategy based on keyword, competitive and consumer trends. Best of all, these changes can be made through Clarity Ecommerce's text interface, which automatically inserts the information into the code without your marketing having to physically code in their changes or having knowledge of web languages at all!

    To learn more about Clarity's state-of-the-art, industry leading SEO Packages. Aside from some of the most powerful SEO tools on the market, Clarity's solution helps to drive sales, increase revenue and improve efficiency for your business in countless ways. Call or request more information today to inject your Ecommerce website with the market's most powerful partner!


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