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eCommerce Solution for ASP.NET

Performance, Security, Scalability, Extensibility...

What is the value of ASP.Net eCommerce

ASP.NET eCommerce solutions are proven to bring a myriad of benefits that work best in a Microsoft environment. Your IT department and developers are already used to implementing ASP.NET, and eCommerce is simply another piece to the puzzle. "Microsoft Shop" and .NET environments are common terms for describing this ecosystem. The advantages of consistency of tooling and software development patterns and practices will tend to bring efficiencies to your company's processes and eCommerce project's life cycle. These efficiencies tend to be in the form of improved maintenance, ability to extend and integrate rapidly with the eCommerce platform and the ability to scale and work with the infrastructure required for the site with lower overall overhead.

Significant performance, security, and search engine optimization gains as well from using ASP.Net properly and leveraging the technology in its intended form. This is typically the case for any technology whether it be PHP, Java or another platform such as Ruby On Rails (a PHP based framework). The underlying principal is typically that the ASP.Net eCommerce solution works best in a .Net environment and just like any platform it's critical that you confirm the proper optimization around security, performance and search optimization among other things.

Designed for Customization

Best Practices for B2B & B2C eCommerce

Although there are a multitude of eCommerce platforms available, few offer the most optimal experience. The combination of development, performance, security, search optimization and extensibility perspective make ASP.NET a powerful influencer. Below are a few key metrics for any ASP.Net or other eCommerce platform you're reviewing:

  • Ease of use - is the site easy for visitors to complete their transactions?
  • Search Optimization and analytics - are you going to maximize your exposure to search indexing and search results as well as your ability to track your efforts in SEO quickly and effectively through built in reporting and integration to search analytics.
  • Performance - does your eCommerce platform scale, is it cloud ready, can you meet or exceed site load requirements and standards and ultimately do significant traffic spikes hamper your site's page load times?
  • Security - does your site meet or exceed PCI-DSS compliance standards and/or HIPPA or other regulations. Does your eCommerce platform deliver vetted solutions to the standard WSOP 10 standard security issues.
  • Administration - does your ASP.Net online shopping software make it easy for your site administrators to manage content, manage products, manage inventory, help customers with order status, shipping, RMAs, etc.?
  • Reporting - how effective is the site reporting toolset for your eCommerce store? Does it offer standard reports that can be auto-emailed or sent to your management team for reporting? Is there extensibility for additional reporting that meets your specific business needs? Is there a heads up dashboard with KPI's that you can set specifically for your business.
  • Development - What kind of architecture and availability to source code does your eCommerce software offer? Can your team get access to documentation and resources for implementing and extending the software? Is there support and maintenance for the software?
  • integration - How easy is it for your current team to integrate with the eCommerce platform you select for your CRM, ERP, Shipping, Taxes, Ticket/Order Management, etc. software?
  • Extensibility - Does your B2B or B2C eCommerce application allow you to extend the functionality with minimal effort?
A Few Clarity eCommerce Clients

Examples of ASP.Net eCommerce Solutions

  • The Newton Group
    The Newton Group online enterprise eCommerce and corporate design refresh project resulted in dramatically improved automation for the Newton team. The key results for the project were enabling a long-term, modern standards database framework for the Newton Group's online sales and integrating seamlessly with a legacy back-end system. Now with more than 1 Million SKUs and transacting nearly $200 Million each year, the site is dramatically helping to drive new business.
  • Merck Pharmaceutical
    Merck Pharmaceutical came to Clarity to build a new B2C-B2B online store for the sales and purchasing of animal products (i.e. digital chips, collar tags, chip readers for clinics, pet feeders, pet doors, etc.) for people who adopt pets, and veterinarians and clinics to purchase and register their chipped pets. B2B clients purchase chips and chip readers, while pet owners can register their pets and purchase products that work only with chips (i.e. pet feeders, pet doors, etc.).
  • Handimedical
    Handimedical needed a custom online HIPAA compliant storefront, where people could purchase products and in realtime know what their portion or copay would be. Clarity not only built a great site, we integrated it with their back-office EHR (Tims ERP), which is a medical ERP, which could provide the insurance lookup information to help calculate the patient's portion of their bill when purchasing items such as, wheel chairs, diabetic supplies, etc.
  • Spotsee
    Spotsee needed a new B2B eCommerce solution to sell their products into their Supply Chain and Distribution network. Their custom products are used for packages (both large and small) for RFID, seismic and other detection to track the safety and damage done to computer technologies during shipping. Computer dropped? We know. Package shaken too much, yep. Their next-level technology needed a solution that was as good as theirs, and Clarity fit the bill.
Clarity Can Help

Implementing an ASP.Net eCommerce Solution

When it comes to implementing ASP.NET eCommerce solutions, Clarity is your expert. We have successfully executed over 600+ projects ranging from eCommerce to web design. Please connect with a Clarity consultant today, and learn how we can grow your business together.

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