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Five Features to Boost Your eCommerce Sales 

How to increase sales using robust eCommerce site features

eCommerce storefrontFrom customer reviews to advanced searches, eCommerce shopping features are having a significant impact on your sales. Though they aren’t the first thing you think of when you consider what is converting browsers to buyers, your eCommerce site’s features help customers find what they want, and even better, find things they didn't even realize they wanted or needed. Employing the right features and using them in the right ways can help you easily and quickly boost your eCommerce sales. Below are some of the eCommerce storefront shopping features that can help you increase sales.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can have a major impact on the sale of a product. According to a survey done by Dimensional Research, 90% of respondents said that positive reviews influenced their buying choices and 86% said that negative reviews influenced their buying choices. Customers tend to trust other customers, even though they don’t know them, probably because they trust that other customers will be honest since they usually don’t have anything to gain by leaving a review. Displaying product reviews on product pages gives the customers the information that they are looking for without making them scour the internet for it.

Save Cart for LaterSave Cart and Wish List 

Two other helpful features that can help you increase sales are the “save cart for later” and wish list features. The “save for later” feature enables the customer to compare products and prices and check out other sites and products. Then, when they are ready to buy, they will be able to find the product that they wanted sitting in their cart waiting for them. The wish list feature allows customers to make lists of items that they want someone to buy for them or want to buy for themselves in the future. Letting your customers make multiple wish lists and add as many items as they want to each list helps them keep track of items they want which could lead to future sales.

Product Suggestions

Another host of excellent features that can help your sales are product suggestion features. Showing your customers items that were frequently bought with the item that they are about to purchase and related accessories can convince customers to buy products that they may not have even considered. You can also display products that you think they might like based on their viewing or search history. Product suggestion features are an excellent way to get customers to spend more.

Advanced Site SearchAdvanced Search Capabilities 

Advanced search is a feature that customers have come to expect, but sellers can also expect it to help them boost sales. Using a search tool that using natural language technology as well as intelligent site search helps customers find (and buy) what they want faster. Also use a site search tool that allows customers to filter their search by price, size, color, and brand. Being able to present searchers with exactly what they are looking for will help convert them to buyers.

Pictures and Videos

One of the things missing from the shopping experience when buying online is getting to see, touch, and try out the product in person. Shoppers, instead, rely on pictures and videos provided by the seller to judge the items they are looking to buy. Supplying pictures from all angles and videos that demonstrate the product in action help buyers better understand the product and feel more confident when purchasing it.

Clarity Can Help

The key to having great storefront shopping features is a robust and extensible eCommerce platform. Our eCommerce platform, Clarity eCommerce, comes equipped with numerous storefront shopping features that will help you increase sales. Our team of expert developers can customize the platform to work best for your business’s individual needs. To find out more about Clarity eCommerce or how to increase your eCommerce sales, call or click to contact us today!