eCommerce Web Design: Less is More

Simple Site Design May Lead to Increased Conversions

Minimal, simple websites are more attractive to customers

simple web designA 2012 Google study found that “visually complex” websites were viewed as less beautiful than visually simple websites. Instead of making website visitors figure out what they need to look at or what to click on first, simple design websites naturally draw the eye to the most important pieces of information and are easy to navigate. Simple websites are not only viewed as more beautiful and easy to look at, they can also lead to more conversions.

Flat is In 

Flat designs for eCommerce sites also fit the “less is more” motto. Flat design allows the content of the website to be the star instead of being overwhelmed by the design. The focus is always on usability, with clean design that utilizes open space, sharp edges, and two dimensional images, buttons and objects. The flat design doesn’t make the website viewer’s brain and eyes to work hard to decode and understand what it is looking at. Instead the viewer is able to focus on the content and products being presented on the website.

device agnosticDevice Agnosticism

Instead of having to design different versions of an eCommerce website for different devices, more companies are choosing to have a device agnostic site. A device agnostic site means that the site is compatible on various devices without adjusting. With new devices being introduced constantly, it is easier to design a site to work on multiple devices than to design versions for every device made. A simple design that is easy to view and navigate on every device will impress visitors and make them more likely to use your eCommerce website again.

Short, Sweet and Bulleted

  • Presenting product information and features in short, simple bullets will be easier for the customer to read. 

  • Customers are also more likely to scan bullets for the information that they need instead of reading through paragraphs. 

  • If you want to provide more information, include a link to another page with more in-depth product information.

intuitive web designDesign for Intuition and Instinct

A website with a simple design is intuitively easy to use, and guides users both to what they are looking for and to convert. Customers know what they need to do, where they should look first, and what they need to click, just by looking at the page. Each page should nudge the user further down the sales funnel, with high visible calls-to-action (CTAs) on every page, and above the fold. Unlike viewing a complex website, site visitors don’t have to think or try to figure it out. When a site is visually complex, the eyes and brain of the site viewer have to work harder which makes it less appealing to the viewer. A simple design leads the eye to where it needs to go, from large text, to bulleted items, to a call-to-action button. The brain doesn’t have to work as hard to understand a visually simple page which makes it more appealing.

Clarity Can Help 

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