Ektron: A CMS for the Enterprise

A Content Management Solution for B2B eCommerce

Is Ektron CMS the right fit for your business?

Ektron content management systemEktron is a robust web content management system targeted at enterprise-level businesses, particularly those with international needs. Ektron’s technology allows you to build a sleek website that is optimized for viewing on multiple devices. Ektron is also built for integration with a variety of other technologies, from analytics to CRM/ERP software, and the company prides itself on developing easy-to-understand editing and publishing tools. For larger eCommerce operations, Ektron could be the right choice for content management.

User-Friendly Content Creation and Robust Customization

With built-in SEO tools and geolocation targeting, Ektron’s capabilities help marketers reach their intended audience. Multilingual functionality put marketers in touch with consumers across the globe, and integration for social media tools save time. User-friendly editing makes it easy for those without a technical background to efficiently manage content.

responsive designEktron is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework, so developers can use HTML, ASP.NET Web Forms & MVC, jQuery, CSS, and C#. Developers can also pull from Ektron’s library of over 80 .NET controls to add functionality without coding from scratch. Ektron’s SDK and API provide for full customization for both designers and developers.

Ektron gives designers peace of mind in knowing that their designs will execute flawlessly regardless of screen size. With Ektron’s multichannel delivery, websites automatically adjust to the user’s technology.

A Closer Look at Ektron’s Features

Ektron's extensive functionality makes it ideal for large-scale content management.

  • Make Edits on the Page
  • Ektron’s editing tool lets users make changes within a page, rather than navigating them to a separate editing page. During this process, which Ektron calls “in-context editing” or “WYSIWYG editing,” users can see exactly how their content will appear on the page within different design elements or modules. The intuitive editing interface looks similar to Microsoft Office, so users can benefit from using tools that feel familiar to them. An off-page editing tool is also available if needed.

  • Customize With Widgets
  • PageBuilder allows designers and developers to create custom pages through wireframing and the creation of widgets for commonly-used page elements. Users can then easily add content, lists, images, videos, forms, RSS feeds, and more by simply dragging and dropping widgets.

  • Responsive Design
  • Through definition and media queries, Ektron adapts your website based on browser screen size, resizing full pages and content for a truly responsive experience. Compression settings are also available so that developers can enable faster loading for mobile.

  • Enterprise Search
  • Ektron lets you choose the best option for powering your enterprise-level search. With SOLR, Microsoft Search Server, or FAST, your customers and team will be directed to the right results. Ektron also allows for integration with document management systems such as Microsoft Sharepoint.

    Clarity Can Help

    Ektron provides a variety of easy-to-use capabilities for the enterprise-level user, and with the right team to help you customize, you’ll be well on your way to unbeatable sales. At Clarity, we specialize in serving B2B and B2C enterprises with our top-notch eCommerce integrations. Our expert team of developers has successfully integrated our Clarity eCommerce™ platform with hundreds of websites across numerous content management systems, including Ektron. Ready to take your eCommerce business to the next level? Call or click today!