Enterprise eCommerce platform comparison for Microsoft Dynamics Integration Capable Solutions

Ecommerce Platform Evaluation Criteria


Microsoft Dynamics and Clarity help improve your ERP/CRM strategiesEnterprise eCommerce platforms are a key component for driving process automation and increasing market share. Organizations from family businesses to mid-large organizations can rapidly grow market share with Clarity's eCommerce tools.

Through Clarity's deep analysis of the market's different available solutions, Clarity has culled the list of enterprise eCommerce solutions down to a select list of vendors. In this article we'll highlight the top Dynamics ERP and CRM friendly eCommerce evaluation criteria.


Top 5 Criteria for Ecommerce Platform Evaluation

  1. Integration Middle Ware - Enterprise eCommerce hinges on secure and seamless integration to internal data sources. Two way, SSL and authentication secured data exchange between the external web and mobile presence to the internal presence is critical.

    Clarity | enterprise e-commerce platform developer software development for b2b shopping cartFeatures and Completeness - Although many platforms boast the feature set needed for a "off the shelf" or "turn-key" solution it's prudent to ensure the features work as expected with as little customization possible.

    Clarity | b2b e-commerce platform developer enterprise ecommerce software developmentInbound Marketing, SEO considerations, Reporting and Analytics/Business Intelligence - Although each of these could have their own full segments of evaluation, we're effectively looking at the level of completeness of the solution by itself without supplemental / 3rd party marketing and reporting resources.

    Clarity | responsive web design mobile friendly website designerResponsive and Mobile Friendly - A forward looking enterprise ecommerce platform will keep up with the ongoing rise of mobile ecommerce. As more and more potential clients access your platform with portable devices, it is essential that the platform and website are responsive to mobile devices.

    Clarity | enterprise ecommerce platform developer b2b web software developerSecurity & Compliance, Performance and Validation - A mature platform is typically well vetted for security, performance and common validation of data input/output. We confirm the level of fullness for each of these items.

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