Evoq DNN eCommerce solutions

A highly powerful eCommerce combination

The value of Evoq DNN eCommerce website software

If your team uses Evoq DNN, an integrated eCommerce platform can bring a myriad of benefits that help reduce the total cost of ownership and management required to maintain your ASP.Net platform. Due to DNN's highly decorated and well recognized content management system features, such as; ability to bring enterprise level functionality for multi-lingual, multi-portal, single sign-on, social sign-on, SEO considerations, security, performance, and much more. The DNN eCommerce combination is a highly powerful synergy. As you're developers become accustomed to .NET, they can more efficiently leverage a DNN based eCommerce platform delivering off the shelf integration that your site administrators and editors will be able to immediately leverage.

There are noticeable performance, security, and SEO gains from using a properly integrated DNN eCommerce module. Specifically, taking advantage of the API hooks and modular structure of a DNN eCommerce platform yields high levels of integration and ongoing support for global-currency requirements, cloud and server farm/cluster based load balancing and scaling performance. These are just a few of the powerful reasons for selecting a DNN optimized eCommerce solution.

The benefits of DNN Evoq eCommerce tools

Although there are a significant number of CMS platforms available, few offer the most optimal experience from a development, performance, security, search optimization and extensibility perspective. Below are a few criteria that will help with evaluating key metrics for any DNN or any other eCommerce platform you're reviewing:

Reduced Costs

Based on your company needs, it will be a significant cost saving venture over other options (especially the custom ones that cost in the tens of thousands of dollars).

Advanced Features

The features of DNN, whether out of the box or with third party modules, can be extremely powerful for businesses of all sizes. User management, advertisement management, email marketing, document management, multilingual ability, blog management, and more are included to help marketing and IT teams manage their website.

Unmatched Security

DNN provides extremely thorough security. Each user group is provided its own permissions, and all users can be sorted into these groups based upon what the operations require. As opposed to other CMSs that may require you to install a third party (and probably weak) application, DNN has a security model built into the CMS architecture. This makes DNN one of the most secure platforms for websites on the market.

Clarity's Expertise

Clarity is an industry expert in helping teams take full advantage of Evoq DNN CMS eCommerce capabilities. Whether you are looking to improve your security or take advantage of a fully scalable platform, Clarity can help. Please connect with a Clarity expert for a free consultation. Thank you!

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