Flexible and Scalable eCommerce Platform Solutions for B2B

Tips for Developing Your B2B eCommerce Website

What a flexible, robust eCommerce platform can bring to your business

Choosing an eCommerce Platform: Look for Flexibility and Extensibility

Customizable B2B eCommerce platformIn order for an eCommerce platform to work well for B2B, it needs to be highly customizable and flexible to be able to adapt to B2B businesses’ specific requirements. When choosing a platform, your business needs to find one that is scalable. Scalability of the platform enables the website to handle more customers as site traffic and online transactions grow. Your B2B eCommerce platform should also be extensible to allow for features to be added and software to be integrated with ease.

Flexible and Customizable eCommerce Platform

 Our Clarity eCommerce platform was built to handle specific needs such as these as well as to be flexible with B2B eCommerce needs that may arise.

For B2B, you need an eCommerce platform that will allow you to set up your eCommerce website in a way that works the best for your business, and a generic platform just won’t do. For example, some of our B2B clients need to be able to add an infinite number categories and products as well as endless attributes that are searchable for those categories and products. Our Clarity eCommerce platform allows for that product catalog and category customization. If a B2B business needs to have multiple eCommerce stores but with different branding for each store, our platform can handle that customization. If your B2B website needs to have different listing page looks for different categories, our platform is flexible enough to be able to allow you to easily to do. Our Clarity eCommerce platform was built to handle specific needs such as these as well as to be flexible with eCommerce needs that may arise. The Clarity eCommerce platform can be customized to fit any enterprise or B2B eCommerce needs.

Scalable and Extensible: eCommerce Platform Necessities

B2B eCommerce scalabilityAs well as being flexible and customizable, a B2B eCommerce platform also needs to be scalable and extensible. As your eCommerce site grows and gets more traffic, the site needs to be scalable in order to be able to handle larger amounts of traffic. Our Clarity eCommerce platform is robust and scalable and enables you to put load balancing in place to ensure that your eCommerce website will be able to handle the concurrent users on your site. A scalable platform can manage increases in the number of transactions, accounts and SKUs. The platform’s scalability ensures that your eCommerce website can handle large growth without being overwhelmed. Your eCommerce platform also needs to be extensible. Extensibility allows for your site to have layers of functionality. Software will be able to be efficiently integrated, features can be added, and changes can be made without having to alter the platform’s architecture.

Clarity Can Help Your B2B eCommerce Business

For almost a decade, Clarity has been helping B2B businesses develop their eCommerce websites. Seeing the need for a better platform, Clarity created an eCommerce platform that can be customized to work perfectly for your B2B eCommerce business. To find out more about our platform and how we can help your B2B eCommerce business succeed, contact us today!