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Google Maps can now be smoothly and successfully integrated into your website, and it can be an important component of your startup or small business website design. The above graphic is a Heatmap showing Historic Places in the US and Canada. There are a huge variety of simple to elaborate heatmaps that can provide utility for your site or set your business apart from the competition.Many people do not realize that Google Maps can become part of an overall eCommerce integration in a way that features additional functionality.



Google Maps API


Google Maps provides an API (Advanced Programming Interface) for addition additional map layers, which includes a map tile server and a heatmap layer. A heatmap is a way to display data on a map in a graphical way through the use of colors that indicate frequency or density. A nonprofit, for example, might use a heatmap to display data related to the literacy rates of people in various neighborhoods. Twitter frequently combines the Twitter social API with Google Maps API to show users tweeting in real-time for major events like the Superbowl or even hurricane Sandy. These kinds of maps can give value and display subtle differences in the content of individual data parameters like tweets (for example, whether the tweeter is angry or happy). If your business is creative with Google’s heatmaps, you can communicate a variety of important information to your customers or constituents.


Google Maps API to Visualize Sales


Internally, heatmaps can also be important tools. For example, you can quickly and easily visualize the sale of a particular product and correlate it with a particular region. This will allow you to adjust your marketing accordingly and in real-time as you target various audiences. You can also visualize website clicks by implementing a heatmap, which again allows you to implement a more targeted marketing campaign.
Clarity can help you integrate both basic Google Maps or API into your website. Speak with a Clarity representative about which one is right for you.



Other Features of Google Maps API Heatmaps and State Overlays


If you want to display a single location on the map in addition to the overlays, Google Maps allows you to use a marker, which can also display a custom icon image. Map layers can be created using overlay map types or an info window, or an overlay that displays content. You can also adjust the map’s border colors and define your own regions according to your needs.

Clarity can help you integrate both basic Google Maps or API into your website. We can also help you come up with a creative, custom Google Map overlay solution that caters to the specific needs and challenges of your business. Speak with a Clarity representative about which one is right for you.


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