HIPAA Compliant Medical Website Design and Development

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healthcare website development and medical website designIf you are a healthcare professional, like a doctor, therapist, or physical therapist, then there are unique considerations for your medical website design as you decide how to best represent yourself and provide your patients with what they need. This article will give you an overview of healthcare HIPAA compliant website development and medical website design best practices.


Medical Website Design Considerations

As you consider your medical website design, you’ll want to think about your goals relating both to your overall brand representation, and also to your strategy regarding why and how your patients access your site. Questions to ask yourself include the following:
  • What is the overall “feeling” I want to impart to my patients? Some doctors have reason to create a very clean, modern, professional brand development for their website. Others, like therapists, may opt for softer colors or even a design that incorporates tastefully placed natural elements. “Soothing” practices like therapy or acupuncture typically have a bit more design leeway. 
  • How many of my patients or prospective clients will be accessing my site via mobile device? More and more people every year are turning to mobile websites to do their shopping, planning, and medical scheduling. In the vast majority of cases, it is in your best interest to consider mobile development and mobile optimization
  • Will my website contain a patient portal, where my patients will be able to log in and access scheduling tools and private information? How will I keep this portal secure and HIPAA-compliant? 
  • Do I wish to include rich element features, like patient education videos? 
  • What is the language base of my patients? How many of them speak Spanish? Do I want a multilingual site? 

These are just a few of your considerations in medical website design. Chief among them is the question of security and HIPAA compliance.


How to Build a HIPAA Compliant Website

One question to ask yourself is: What is the language base of my patients? How many of them speak Spanish? Do I want a multilingual site?

HIPAA compliance warrants its own article, but we will provide a brief overview here. In sum, to build a HIPAA complaint website, the following systems and procedures must be in place: all data must be encrypted during transmission; only the authorized personnel has access to the data; stored or archived data should be encrypted; and all data should be properly disposed of when it is not needed anymore. Basic websites do not meet many of these requirements; your website must be explicitly designed around HIPAA standards.


Healthcare Website Development in Texas

At Clarity, we’re highly familiar with the unique details that are an integral part of successful healthcare website development. Our past clients include group therapy websites, counselors, and other medical practitioners. Read our other articles for a more granular introduction to HIPAA complaint development, or contact a Clarity consultant today.