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Missing Revenue with Outdated eCommerce Platforms

Upgrading your eCommerce platform is expensive and time consuming, but the alternative could be even more costly.

A legacy platform may substantially reduce the revenue that a website produces, and the outdated system could allow individuals to more easily hack into the site, prevent customers from tracking their shipments and diminish the performance of new software programs that are related to B2B sales. Moreover, a web designer may not be able to install software programs that provide statistics that indicate a site's traffic and conversion rates.

Letting Customers Create Accounts

B2B eCommerce integrationAfter you add a cutting-edge platform to a website, patrons can make comprehensive accounts that allow customers to check the status of an order, provide a list of preferences and post reviews underneath a product's description. Guests will also be able to swiftly update their shipping information and create a list of personal interests.

Utilizing New Software

According to recent analyses, many high-quality customer relationship management systems may not be integrated into a legacy platform. Furthermore, business owners that use a legacy system will not be able to install some types of enterprise resource planning software programs, which allow a company to manage its inventory, calculate the profitability of each service and determine every buyer's preferences.

Shipping a Customer's Products

B2B eCommerce employees and stakeholdersMany new platforms have programs that let clients automatically calculate the costs of shipping a product by entering their addresses. This type of software also allows customers to track their packages on the merchant's website, and the company's system can automatically send updates to a patron when an item has been shipped. Most legacy platforms are not compatible with automatic calculators, but by using an advanced system, you may install the tools of numerous well-known carriers, such as UPS, FedEx, the United States Postal Service and Dayton Freight.

Selecting Payment Methods

Many legacy systems will not allow web designers to add certain payment gateways to a website. Once you choose a high-quality platform, you can install software programs that store a patron's billing information, and customers will be able to use ACH transfers, wire transfers and accounts with independent payment processors.

Suggesting New Products and Completing Purchases

An innovative platform will give proprietors the option to add a software program that automatically presents a list of discounted products when a visitor places an item in a website's virtual cart. A comprehensive study showed that this software could boost the average price of online orders by approximately 15 percent.

If a patron abandons the cart, the software can rapidly send an email that reminds the customer to complete the purchase. Moreover, the merchant may opt to add promotional codes to these emails.

Search Engine Optimization

Experts can install software that indicates the keywords that are providing traffic, and the web designer will be able to determine the website's positions in the search results. By utilizing an up-to-date platform, a company may automatically produce URLs that have targeted keyword phrases and add keywords to each page's header. The web designers can also create a blog that features internal links for the webpages of popular products.

Earning Money From Advertisements

Legacy systems are not compatible with the software programs of many companies that manage pay-per-click campaigns. Once you choose a state-of-the-art ecommerce platform, you can allow advertisers to bid on available spots on your website, and the software will determine the number of clicks that each ad receives, every advertisement's total revenue and the percentage of visitors who click the ad.

Improving Your Company's Customer Service

When you get rid of your legacy platform, you may install a tool that will let you chat live with visitors on your website. Several studies have shown that this software may double the conversion rates of some pages, and the tool can substantially reduce the percentage of customers who return a product.

Detailed Analytics

A cutting-edge system will allow a proprietor to identify the links that are providing targeted traffic, the number of pageviews that each visitor produces, the amount of time for which a user remains on a webpage and the percentage of guests who make a purchase. Additionally, these statistics will indicate whether or not a visitor is using a mobile device, and the system can determine the geographical region of the guest. Data is the key to understanding your customers and providing them with the best buying experience possible. Business intelligence paired with sophisticated reports and analytics can unlock a whole new world of potential for your business.

The Social Media Networks

B2B eCommerce integrationUnlike a legacy platform, an innovative system will let potential buyers link their accounts on your website with their profiles on the social media networks. Consequently, an update of each customer's activity will automatically be posted on the patron's social media profile.

You will be able to analyze the tone of every post that is related to your business. The software program will also determine the number of positive comments that have been posted on each social media network during any time period.

How Clarity Ventures Can Help You

Clarity Ventures is based in Austin, Texas, and the business is able to create state-of-the-art websites, utilize particularly effective SEO strategies, improve the security of a site, create videos, design new search tools, install numerous payment gateways and offer comprehensive analytics for each site. The company's advanced platform can provide a particularly high return on investment, and unlike a legacy system, the services of Clarity Ventures will help you to retain customers. To read reviews of the business, you may check out the company's profile on Facebook. Furthermore, you can obtain a free price estimate by calling 800-928-8160.