How a Feature Rich CMS Can Generate Leads

A Powerful CMS: A Lead Generating Machine 

Robust content management systems were built with generating leads in mind

lead generationConverting website visitors to leads can prove to be a difficult task. Some potential leads just don’t want to give out a lot of personal information while others need what they consider to be a fair trade off before giving out name and email address. There are a variety of techniques used to generate leads but one of the most overlooked ways of generating leads is using the power of your content management system. The features of your CMS can be very helpful when trying to generate leads.

Positive Experiences Equal Conversions 

If a potential lead has a positive experience on your website, they view you as more credible and therefore more trustworthy with their information. A number of CMS features can contribute to the positive experience that a visitor has on your site. Flexible design features enable you to make your site more visually pleasing while responsive design features make your website easy to use and view no matter what device it is being viewed on. These are just a few features of modern content management systems that can help lead to more positive experiences and therefore leads.

site navigation and leadsEasy Navigation Means Easy Leads

If a customer is able to easily find the product or information they are looking for on your site, they are more likely to view your website, and by extension, your company, in a good light. Power internal search features and SEO features make your website easy to navigate and more appealing to site visitors. If a potential lead knows they are able to easily find the information they want on your website, they are much more likely to give you their information and become a lead.

Use Valuable Information to Draw Them In

If you have something that a website visitor wants, such as an informational white paper or a free software trial, but they have to enter their information to get what they want, they are much more likely to give you’re their information and become a lead. Advanced content management systems have integrated systems into their platform where the software or white paper is automatically sent to a lead using the email address that the lead has given.

personalized contentPersonalized Content Leads to Leads

One of the best ways to generate a lead is to provide a website visitor with personalized content. A highly advanced content management system is able to track, store and analyze a visitor’s searches and actions. The system then uses that information to change the content that is displayed for that person on the website. Supplying the website visitor with information that is pertinent to them makes them much more likely to become a lead.

Clarity Can Help 

At Clarity, we understand how important leads can be for your business. Our team has years of experience building websites on content management systems that are full of features that help can help generate more leads. To learn more about how your feature rich CMS can help your business generate more leads, call or click to contact us today!