How Implementing Subscriptions Can Help B2B eCommerce

Make the Most of Repeat Orders

How subscription services can streamline business for you and your clients.

It is highly common for businesses to make the same purchases over and over again. As a B2B business, implementing a subscription service within your eCommerce platform caters to this practice by establishing a recurring transaction. With the variety of payment gateways Clarity works with, integrating a subscription service into your eCommerce platform can be a seamless operation. Also referred to as repeat, continuity, or recurring orders, a subscription service can make an enormous difference in helping both you and your customers keep your businesses running smoothly.

Make eCommerce EasyStreamline your eCommerce Operation

In any eCommerce operation, one of your main goals is to make the experience as easy as possible for your customers. Subscription services are one of the best ways to streamline the process for your client. With a subscription service, your clients do not have to take the time and effort to make a separate transaction every time they need their recurring product. Even for orders that don’t run on a particular schedule, subscription services come with the ability to make a profile that assists both you and your clients in tracking what they’ve purchased in the past. They can be sure that they are getting the same product they’ve been using and like without having to do a lot of research. For your client, the purchase of your product becomes effortless.

Build on Reliability

At the heart, subscription services mean that your customers can depend on your product arriving on a schedule—whether it’s every week, every month, or every quarter. This strengthens their ability to plan ahead, because they know exactly when they will have your product on hand.

reliabilityBut this advantage doesn’t just extend to customers. Subscription services ensure that each quarter a minimum number of purchases are going to be made through your business. This gives you an element of predictability for your own business needs. You can know the least amount of money you will make for that month, helping you to manage your overhead costs and profit margins. You can know far in advance which products will be needed for certain, allowing you to keep the right items in stock. You can create an internal schedule for your business, for anything from delivery services to paperwork, based around your subscription customers, minimizing last-minute rushes. You can even look at which products become repeat orders and get insight into which are the most popular. Although subscription services don’t mean that you can predict your entire sales quota, they can give you a solid foundation on which to build.

Don't Invite the Competitionloyalty

When you enroll a client in a subscription service, your business becomes seamlessly integrated with theirs. As they are already locked in with you, they have no need to go looking for a new supplier every time they need to make their order. Your subscription service destroys your competition’s access to your customers. Additionally, even if word of your competition reaches your client, the hassle of switching over from your reliable service may dissuade them from making a change. Your subscription service helps you to keep a base of loyal customers and block the competition out.

Clarity Can Help

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