How Integrating ERP and eCommerce Can Help Your Business

ERP and eCommerce Work Together to Work for You

Streamline your workflow when you integrate ERP with your eCommerce

ERP or enterprise resource planning software is a great tool for keeping track of the backend of your business. ERP often consists of modules that range from financial accounting and management accounting to human resources and manufacturing needs. ERP gives you a digital command center for conducting your day-to-day business and helps you keep track of long-term information. By integrating ERP with your eCommerce platform, you can greatly enhance the scope of each tool and energize the flow of your business on every end.

Ultimate Synchronization ERP integration

The biggest advantage of integrating your ERP software with your eCommerce platform is that every facet of your company is automatically synced. Every transaction is reflected everywhere in real-time, 24/7. This means no lag between a transaction being made and being processed. It eliminates any long, arduous manual entry from your business’s schedule. It means that no matter where you are looking, the numbers that you are seeing match across all systems. ERP integration ensures that your business no longer wastes time keeping track of two or more systems. Now you can keep your eye on the larger picture while doing business quickly and efficiently.

accurate dataNew Standards of Accuracy

Any time you move information between systems, there is naturally a possibility of error. This probability is greatly reduced when your ERP and your eCommerce platform are combined. Rather than rubbing up against one another, your systems will be complementary. This means no accidental duplication, incorrect transcription, or missing entries. Instead, ERP integration allows you certainty that you have the most correct information possible, and you can manage your company with confidence. Make all decisions, deals, and purchases with a clear picture of your entire company’s status.

Airtight Securitysecurity

Some people are wary of keeping important information stored on the Internet—a legitimate concern. However, ERP integrated with eCommerce protects the information given to you by your customers by sending any sensitive material straight into your ERP system and not storing it in your eCommerce cloud. This feature reduces the risk of your data being accessed by outside parties. Both you and your clients can feel safe conducting your business online.

Keep Track of Your Needs

No two businesses are alike. With ERP and eCommerce integration, you ensure that the unique needs of your company can be managed. With ERP,  you can pay close attention to the qualities that make your company different, while at the same time having the assurance that the other facets of your company are running smoothly. There is a variety of ERP software available, and you can choose which system best fits your business’s individual needs. No matter which system you choose, Clarity eCommerce is adept at integrating your ERP seamlessly with the front end of your eCommerce in the way that works best for you.

Clarity Can Help

Clarity has years of experience implementing new integrations and resolving issues with existing integrations. To build an eCommerce platform with the ERP system that is right for you, or if you need assistance with integrating your current ERP system, contact us for a free quote today!